Want It: Vaseline Rosy Lips

Sometimes my lems are big sometimes they are small. At the moment they are a teeny tiny size of under 2. What a steal!

Check it after the jump!

Vaseline makes a comeback in the UK with an amp’ed up version of simple everyday petroleum jelly with a hint of color. Yes, yes we all know my love affair with Smith’s but let me tell you Smith’s costs a whole heap of alot more than 1.49.

Available at Boots and Superdrug Vaseline Rosy Lips is pretty much the same concept of my beloved Smith’s but with a glossier, smoother finish and a heck of alot more pigment from the reviews I’ve heard around the town. Hey, DollFace has my favorite review of this tiny tin of joy!

Yes, I think I need more Vaseline in my life, particularly if it’s rosy in color.

If you wants it you’ll have to put your head together and do a little Sherlock Holmes searchin’ as it’s only available in the UK from what I’ve seen.


  • 2/21/10 13:35 Skyangl:

    oh come on now, i want that l’oreal studio perfecting base but can’t find it anywhere, can anyone help me? even the l’oreal site is out of it, what’s up w/that?I got to try a small sample yesterday because it was inside of my new vogue magazine so first thing this morning i was out the door and hit 4 stores but none of them had it.Is it so new or just that good that it doesn’t stay on store shelves.help me i need something like this or this product itself because the pores on my nose completely disappeared for the entire day and night with only the tiny bit that was the sample, this stuff rocks so i’m holding on to hope to be able to find it in the very near future.


    • 2/21/10 19:18 the Muse:

      hi skyangl. you’re commenting about the base on a Vaseline post not sure if you noticed? Drugstore.com has it in stock already as does a few other online stores. CVS also has it in stock too and Walgreens. If it hasn’t reached you yet, it will shortly I’m sure. It’s fairly new which is why you haven’t found it yet perhaps.

      Hope this helps!



  • 3/21/10 10:25 Lisa:

    Hey! I got this one! In the Netherlands they also sell it since 2009 😉


    • 3/22/10 18:37 the Muse:

      hey lisa :)

      awesome! no such luck here, never made it to the US market sadly!


  • 5/12/10 8:54 Danielle:

    If anyone finds a great place to order this (that ships to the US) – please let me know. I just lost mine. A friend brings them back from her home in England when she comes to visit – but the pink one was hard to come by this trip and I only got the blue and green tins this trip. Kind of disappointed.


  • 6/27/10 5:43 Sarah~:

    Oh, I’ve seen this! Well, a friend brought back some fifty-six tins of it back when she went to the UK on vacation. She was kicked out of three stores for buying so many!
    It was honestly funny- but she wouldn’t share, so that was the only setback in my ideal plan to get some. Darn!


    • 6/28/10 12:38 the Muse:

      lol sarah 😀 sounds like a smart girl!


  • 7/20/10 15:42 Lexi:

    We have this over in the UK and it’s SO awesome :) It seems good which seems to be a big deal for me lol Hope it makes it’s over to the US


  • 8/19/10 10:23 womble:

    i have it, it smells lovely, and it gives the lips a nice sheen and pretty colour… but it doesn’t half dry my lips out long term :-( but thats vaseline for ya lol. Can’t you get someone to send it over? its only like £1. and surely a small package doesn’t cost much to post??? you should defo try it if you don’t find vaseline drying


    • 8/19/10 13:26 the Muse:

      lol exactly womble can’t expect much from vaseline 😀 Oh yes def. My friend Rowena lives in UK as well as another few friends 😀 so it’s no prob get uk goodies!


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