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I’m a V.I.B.! Ha! Jealous? You have no idea what I’m talking about right? Sephora has taken the liberty of spamming my inbox this morning with my honorary badge of V.I.B-ery aka Very Important Beauty Insider. Honestly, I’m always knew I was extremely important, no joke, and it simply tickles me that Sephora now knows too!

Click it for further deets on how I’m down with the V I B and what it’s all about!

If you spend a gazillion dollars a year at Sephora they’ll beef up your Sephora Beauty Insider account and make it a V.I.B. account. Gawd, I love how Sephora is like a McDonald’s Happy Meal lately. You get a prize and a treat around every corner, SCORE!

Not only did they take the time out to send me a 10% off coupon that I can use in store or online (I’ll share it later on if I’m able too…not sure if it’s one use or not) but they also gave me a slew of new options with my beauty insider membership.

So the basic deals are you get invites to special events…no info as of yet what those events could be but I imagine it’s probably a buncha junkies gathering around some new product or something similar. On top of this you get bigger, badder freebies and access to not yet launched products…..meh all exciting I guess. Also you get access to the V.I.B. hot line….ummmm I’m guessing this is where you can discuss makeup porn with other junkies..kidding, kidding. But yes they have a hot line I suppose it’s for skin care, make up advice….again pretty cool perk.

All exciting yes but the biggest, bestest, most incredible thing evers?

Holiday Gift Card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone run around in circles and get excited! They are rewarding you now for spending buckage at Sephora! You read that right! The more you spend the more you’ll get on a gift card. No details are really confirmed in the e-mail but from what I gather they’ll be giving you a gift card towards the holiday with a dollar amount courtsey of the money you’ve spent at Sephora all through the year!


Check your inbox dears and maybe you’ll find your invite inside!

Click here for more details on the new Sephora V.I.B. program.

Nice job Sephora keep up the cool freebie-ness we all appreciate it in tough economic times.

  • 9/5/09 5:57 Hailee:

    I was wondering about this, I have like 50 bucks to go for the vib, does that mean if I spend that tomorrow and become one I’ll only have till January since it will be 2010? Or will I have till next September till it resets….sorry for the dum question! I should easily know what “calendar year”means


  • 9/8/09 21:38 the Muse:

    hey hailee

    I actually don’t know. I’m kinda hazy on the details of how it works. I think it’s until December 2009…as in the Holiday season? But I’m really not sure….did you mean the special coupon deal for raking up points?


  • 9/9/09 2:56 Valerie:

    I just got my email letting me know I’m an official VIB! I’m so excited! I used my coupon to buy a Clarisonic Plus. 😀

    I read the page andI think it says you are a member for the remainder of this calendar year (December 2009) and all of the next year. So anyone who got it this year will also be a member until December 2010. At least that’s how I read it.


    • 9/9/09 13:24 the Muse:

      hey valerie

      congrats 😀 I used my 10% just recently w00t! I wasn’t sure how long you remain VIB but that makes sense and clears things up thanks for telling us!

      yay! Enjoy your Clarisonic Plus!


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