Beauty News: Stila Pulls Out Of Japan

We were discussing Stila’s demise in Europe and Asia a few weeks ago and it’s finally confirmed that Stila is now out of Japan as well!

My good friend Iris reports that Stila will be completely pulled from Japan by the end of August. I’m shocked to hear this as Stila does very well in Asian countries. It’s quite sad!

The good news is Stila is working on gaining ground again in the cosmetic world so just be patient and I’m sure you’ll see Stila back in your country again soon!

  • 9/7/09 1:02 greenpea:

    A friend of mine works in the cosmetic companies tells me that Japan is the toughest market in the world, because their consumers are the most demanding and particular.

    Therefore, if a cosmetic brand makes it in Japan, it pretty much translates to it being able to make it anywhere in the world, and if it doesn’t cut it for Japan?…….well that’s saying something about their products too. = P


    • 9/8/09 9:43 the Muse:

      hi greenpea

      quite true plus the Japanese market is heavily saturated with skincare and cosmetics. For the most part though Stila was having some financial problems and recently faced bankruptcy but was pulled up and out. Thankfully it’s well on it’s way to it’s former glory and I’m sure it’ll be available within Asian again soon especially considering how incredibly popular it is in Asian countries 😀


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