Buy Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Online

Why can’t I have a cosmetic line like that? Now you can…!

Jesse’s Girl cosmetics are sold in Duane Reade drugstores here in the NY area. Personally I’ve never seen them outside of Duane Reade but I’ll take your word for it if you have had the pleasure of seeing the line sold elsewhere.

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Duane Reade doesn’t carry a whole lot of the line, at least not in my experience, and only ever get a shadow set here and there but not much else.

The good news?

Buy Jesse’s Girl cosmetics online! They’ll ship it all over the world too!

Click it for some details, pictures, and some great prices on the line.

Best part about ordering from the site is the fact they bundle collections together. For example they have the Jesse’s Girl Color My World Eyeshadow for $17 as a set of four (normally these are $4.99 each) and also the Jesse’s Girl Startdust Powder Eye Shadow in a set of six for $24 (regular $4.49 each).

Of course if you’re not wanting to indulge in sets you can pick and choose single products as well. Much of the Jesse’s Girl line is quite good quality and pigmented for it’s inexpensive price tag.

The company offers a flat rate shipping in the US for $5.95 and flat worldwide shipping $8.95.

If you have a difficult time locating the line in your area this is a great way to indulge.

Visit to shop it!

  • 10/25/09 16:42 Jackie:

    They sell them at duane reade too? i thought it was only rite aid! that’s great cuz i’m having a hard time finding the holiday eyedusts (like flamboyant) at rite aid and would love to get ahold of them.


    • 10/26/09 16:26 the Muse:

      yup jackie at least at mine they do 😀 also online of course!


  • 3/16/11 21:26 Bridgette:

    Its funny. I didn’t know that they were sold in duane reade either… but we don’t have any of those duane reade stores over here, heh, but I live 2 blocks away from rite aid ^o^


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