Clean & Clear Eye Make Up Remover Review

Hello gorgeous where have you been all my life?

Clean & Clear has introduced a brand new oil-free makeup remover and it’s been around since, check this, March 2009. Why didn’t I know about it before this? Who’s in charge of the memo service? I didn’t get the memo telling me about cheap eye makeup remover…you know how obsessed I am with finding an inexpensive makeup remover! Heads will roll when I find out who messed up.


But for now I have in my possession a bottle of Clean & Clear Eye Make Up Remover and since I’m so in likey with it I’m in a forgiving mood!


$5.95 nails you a 5.5oz a bottle of Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Make Up Remover…yes under $6 bucks and you can have a very good quality remover….thank you jebus, I prayed so hard but didn’t think it would ever happen.

I have one tiny rant but I’ll get to that in sec..

First off this is incredible stuff. This removes eye makeup in a snap plus it doesn’t contain oil so no cloudy, blurred, OMG! I can’t see! feeling. The formula is very much like simple water but it manages to do a very good job of removing waterproof mascara, pigmented eye shadow, etc……

I’m deeply impressed. It does have somewhat the same formula as Lancome Bi-Facil but it’s more watery. My only rant is you have to use alot. I had to do two cotton pads to get everything off my eyes….I wish I could have just did one swipe and be good but I did have to saturate two pads to remove everything. But…I do wear alot of eye makeup in it’s defense. I’m not upset in the least about this as it did a supreme job of getting my waterproof mascara off so I’m discoing!

That Bi-Facial feeling!

Fact is…it’s a killer deal and it works. It’s the best drugstore remover I’ve come across and well worth a pick up. I think it’ll replace…wait for it…my Sephora eye makeup remover. I have to test a bit more before I retire Sephora but it’s looking like Clean & Clear Make Up Remover is winning the coveted position of being the Muse’s eye makeup remover.


Loves it and Muse Approves it for purchase.

summer museapproved stamp

Try it, I have a feeling you’ll like it as much as I do.

Anyone try yet?

Loves it?

Leaves it?

Tell the Muse!

  • 7/25/10 20:15 mc:

    This is my favorite eye makeup remover thus far and I am never going to switch to something else again!


  • 10/27/10 0:58 Nikki:

    I bought mine at Target a while back, but now they aren’t selling it there anymore! Ahhhhh! Whyyyyy! This stuff works so well!


    • 10/27/10 9:57 the Muse:

      nikki I think they diced this and the foaming cleanser grrr!


  • 11/10/10 22:47 Meg:

    This is the best eye makeup remover, especially for the price!


  • 11/13/10 20:41 Karen:

    The only thing I can think of that is cheaper and as good an eye makeup remover as this one is extra virgin olive oil! This is definitely my go-to as well! :)


  • 6/29/11 19:43 Sarah:

    As a former cosmetic manager and consultant I used to recommend this product all the time, it worked just as well and has the consistency of Clinique’s Take the Day Off….only for about, oh I don’t know 10-12 dollars less. Love this stuff.

    Also love Almay Eye Pads…the ones that aren’t oil free. Those are great also.


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