Lush Grease Lighting Review

I’m partitioning Frankie Valli to change the lyrics to Grease is NOT the world in honor of Lush Grease Lighting Spot Treatment.

But don’t tell my sister…she thinks the Earth, the Moon, the Stars revolves around the Jersey Boys…changing the lyrics could be like breaking the law to her.

Lush Grease Lighting is the latest skincare treat from Lush for treating spots, pimples, and all the uglies that pop up on our skin.

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Lush Grease Lighting is a blend of witch hazel, thyme, calming rosemary, and antibacterial tea tree water to create an antiseptic for keeping pimples well under control. Mind you this isn’t a skin treatment but a spot treatment. What’s that mean? It means if you have a fat pimple on your forehead before a blind date tomorrow you can dab some of this on to zap that spot right out of your hair. It works a treat on minor pimples, small formations of pimples on places like your chin or forehead, etc….it works to dry pimples out, treat them, and reduce the size of the pimple all while delivering a healthy dose of treatment to clear your skin up.

I have a nice size pimple on the side of my face at the moment which I’m not up for discussing with you but I will for the sake of my review. I applied some Grease Lighting on it last night and the pimple is considerably smaller. I imagine with another dab of this it’ll probably be gone by morning w00t!

The formula is a watery, runny gel which you can tap onto blemishes easily. It’s very gentle so it doesn’t dry out your entire face but it does dry out the area you’re treating however not so much that you’re left with cracked, flaky skin.

If you’re looking for a spot treatment to save your skin Lush Grease Lighting is the way to go. It’s $9.95 and available now from Lush Mail Order or your local Lush store. I trust Lush skincare with my life so it’s a joy to have a quick spot treatment for the times that a rare pimple pops up on my face!

Muse Approved for purchase.


  • 11/9/09 12:54 Lucy:

    I have to say this. I am absolutely IN LOVE with your blog! I have never found a point/interest in blogs apart from giving people space to vent out what they may not feel comfortable with venting out in person. And most of the stuff out there is useless, no one gives a shit if you had a really good/shit/bewildering day today etc.
    But seriously…. I’m in love with yours 😀
    You have tried/tested/reviewed so many of the products that I myself have had my eye on and given really helpful, honest advice on all of it. Do you buy all the stuff that you review or do you get stuff for free.. ? I used to work at a Lush and a B (xmas temp) and though I was never kept as a permanent employee I have continued to love their products and looked in awe at the new products they’ve been coming up with. I appreciate that you are pretty into your natural products but dip into the silicone ones every now and then (much like myself).
    So basically yeah. Thanks for making the best blog in the world (wide web)!!
    Much love. xx


    • 11/9/09 14:25 the Muse:

      hi lucy!

      How are you? Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting 😀 Awww thanks so MUCH for the incredible comment 😀 totally made my day! I buy about 80% of it myself and some of it is given to me as press samples :) I’m just a crazy makeup loving girl hehe. I love Lush myself, so awesome you worked for them 😀 haha yes…I def love natural but I’m not as careful as I should be sometimes and a silicon or paraben or two work themselves into the lot haha 😀

      Thank YOU so MUCH for the incredible comment 😀

      Big Hugs!

      Hope the steam cream review was helpful!


  • 11/9/09 12:56 Lucy:

    PS. I found you whilst googling for a SteamCream review.


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