Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eyeshadow Quad

How dare you say Napoleon Perdis’s makeup collection has died from evil, orange sun exposure….I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Sue me, I dig raggin’ on NP’s tan.

No but seriously I thought the line was pretty much dead after it got killed off Sephora but nope Ulta actually still carries the collection, brave little souls…I’m joking…..some of the line is actually really good.

Speaking of which a few little bits and bobs have popped up as of late new to the Napoleon Perdis catalog one of which did capture my attention and warrant a little babble here on Musings!

Click it for the deets and more pictures!

Napoleon Perdis Prismatic Eyeshadow Quad are $16 and available at Ulta and I do so admit they are very intriguing little quads. Although the price tag sways me slightly as the packaging does appear flimsy and cheap, I’m still impressed with the mix of color combos in the quads. NP has been known to have decent shadows and these promise pigmented, easy to blend colors with a combo of matte, metallic, shimmer, and sparkle finishes. For all my evil jesting about Napoleon Perdis I’m willing to swallow my tongue and say well done. I think I’m wanting to haul at least one to start…that green one looks killer!

What do you think?

Possibly yay?


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