Stash Spoglight: Jill Stuart Eye Shadow Palettes

One of my most prized collections is that of my Jill Stuart cosmetics particularly my Jill Stuart Eye Shadow Palettes.

You’ll see why after the jump!

Jill Stuart Cosmetics have that certain beautiful packaging that makes us forget most of the makeup world and just stare in awe (and possibly drool while doing so) and excitement at the beauty that makes up this makeup. Much of the packaging is unique to anything I’ve purchased before and very, very beautiful. I’m a fan particularly of the eye shadow palettes whith house soft shimmering shades of color. I started out my collection with a single palette and soon after hauled five more. Since that time I ended up with near 20 palettes but only nine now make up my collection as various ones were handed over to friends who fell as in love with them as I did.

Although expensive and at times repetitious the brand holds a very special place in my heart. Hope you enjoyed my stash spotlight of Jill Stuart Shadow Palettes!

  • 9/8/09 9:30 Myna:

    Hi. Where do you buy your Jill Stuart products. I would like to try some of them. Thanks for the information


    • 9/8/09 9:32 the Muse:

      Hi Myna

      I have a few friends in Japan who buy them for me. You can find them on E-bay and a few select stores across the web but the prices are a bit jacked up from retail sadly. You can see my Japanese Cosmetic Buying Guide for further details.

      Hope it helps 😀


  • 10/17/09 7:28 Reggi:

    which palette is your favorite?? also, what’s the diff between illuminance, brilliance, and seductive eyes? my mom is going to TW and i want her to bring me some!! =D


    • 10/22/09 13:55 the Muse:

      mmm hard to say reggi 😀 I love them all. the different is the finish…..more matte, shimmery, sparkle…aside from that it’s about the formula all around!


      • 10/22/09 13:58 Reggi:

        yeah i wouldn’t be able to decide either… they’re all so pretty! *_* i hope my mom can bring me something awesome back! i have the glazed granet one… i love how nicely it blends!!!!! x)


        • 10/22/09 14:02 the Muse:

          LOL it’s difficult to pick JUST one jill stuart as a favorite 😀 It really does blend beautifully 😀 they are beautiful items. Lucky you as they are cheaper by a little bit compared to Japanese prices in Taiwan


  • 3/2/10 9:36 Chelle Chioa:

    Ooh… I can only afford one palette for now! I love the jewel crystal eyes… The glitters really stick to your skin, I was puzzled when some commented on my blog review about how JS eye shadows usually have glitter fall outs so I researched more and learned that jewel crystal eyes has the new and improved formula and it’s definitely the best JS eye shadow quality to date… But I have to be honest I’m a sucker for packaging… I’m afraid of glitters because of fall outs but I still bought this without testing! <3


    • 3/2/10 9:48 the Muse:

      hey chelle even with fall out I don’t mind as they are just so PRETTY :)


  • 4/6/10 1:48 Christine:

    i was wondering, how much are these palettes usually if compared here in the US and in Asia? i’m going to Asia in a couple of months and i’m hoping to snag one of these lovely things. =)


    • 4/12/10 16:03 the Muse:

      ’bout 15 to $20 difference Christine price wise 😀


  • 11/27/10 7:58 Grace:

    I’m wondering have you finished using a palette yet? Can you take out the eyeshadow slots and use it as a card case?


    • 11/30/10 9:22 the Muse:

      I haven’t finished any of the shadows yet grace but I don’t think you can remove them and even if you could a credit card or ID wouldn’t fit inside this case. It wouldn’t close if you tried storing cards in it.

      Hope this helps!


  • 3/5/11 7:12 Anne:

    wow! You’ve got so many JS eyeshadow palettes :) I would love to try one of these its just that its so expensive…


  • 10/12/12 7:31 Nicole:

    Do you possibly know where I could get a replacement sponge applicator for this? I loved mine and it was chucked down a drain with a tub full of water after I was cleaning it, (It’s made me quite upset actually) ='( Any help would be totally appreciated.


  • 11/27/12 12:39 Yogi:

    WOW!! I want to try them! Hope to find them anywhere!


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