Urban Decay Summer Collection 2009: Urban Decay Minx Eye Shadow Reviwew and Swatches

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Minx is one of two shadows exclusively available at Sephora right now for the Urban Decay Summer Collection. I recently brought you a review and swatches of the other shadow release, Ecstasy, which is a lovely purple.

Today I thought I’d muse some about Urban Decay Minx Eye Shadow as it’s my favorite of the two shades!

Click it for the details, swatches, and a babble or two!

I can’t say there isn’t a time I am not excited about a shadow release from Urban Decay. They are a true love and I have practically all the shades, ridiculous I know but I love them so!

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Minx is a love. If you like aquas, sea greens, and teals this should appeal. Minx is beautiful teal with tons of silver sparkle. It has a slightly green cast that makes the shade morph into a little bit more than your average everyday teal.

I think this one is a winner and worthy of a pick up!

Loves it!

Anyone haul it?

Wanting to?

Tell the Muse!

  • 8/31/10 8:16 sparklyblind:

    I like their Liquid Liner in Minx, I should just break down & grab this token too, really what difference would it make in my equally obscene collection of them? Also, I’ll actually use this color! I love aquas, I guess I better hurry since it’s allegedly a “Summer” shade but whatevers, I wear Minx Liquid Liner alot when it’s dreary in the Winter:) I thought it would be really close to Kat Von D’s (maybe discontinued?) Eye-gasm, but that one was kinda not happytime for me (color wouldnt show, ended up having to layer it over UD’s 24/7 Covet anyway, plus the brush was all messed up & splayed I ended up having to trim a crazy hair or two) so I then tried Minx and realized I should stop straying from UD! I try to hold off telling myself I own too much of their stuff already, claiming & “thinking” I’ll save $ or something funny like that:) Then I just get that item PLUS 58 more!!


  • 4/8/11 15:09 Catalina:

    Thanks so much for this, I was looking for a good picture on a real person for this shade and your pictures are perfect! A lot of swatches are on forearms, and that doesn’t help me appreciate what it would look like on my face! Greetings from London.


    • 4/12/11 12:19 the Muse:

      hi catalina! my pleasure ;D!


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