Want It: Thierry Mugler Cooling Effect Concealer

I’ve been meaning to pick up Thierry Mugler Cooling Effect Concealer for a while now why I haven’t indulged yet is beyond me as it sounds just the ticket for my under eyes!

Jump ahead to hear more about it!

With a $45 price tag this isn’t the cheapest concealer around but I’ve heard such incredible things about it my lemming is strong to say the least. With a cooling effect this concealer conceals under eyes circles with a moisturizing formula and a light blue color. I’ve actually waxed poetry prior to this about how blue does very well at eliminating darker circles and shadows. Count me curious on this. Wants it, Needs it, Why haven’t I picked it up yet?

Must go gets me some soon!

Anyone try?


  • 1/8/10 17:59 LINDARRAGNAR:

    I just wanted to say Thierry Muglers beauty products are by far the best out there. For a while I would just use Dior Forever and get great coverage but I went over to France for a school trip and I had been wanting to try to get some nicer makeup in France. Thankfully they had this in the Paris Sephora and I absolutely cannot say enough good about this I bought this concealer and the mouse foundation. Both make me look so radiant and perfect. I think if you ever get the money you should definitely try out this product or the foundation. oh and the cooling effect is really apparent its like the smashbox cooling tint but more intense. The concealer is like a spongy blue eraser. :)


    • 1/14/10 20:59 the Muse:

      hi linda I got this a while ago and agree it really is a nice product 😀 and very elegant makeup wise :) I’ll def consider the foundation 😀 I’ve wanted the powder for a while myself!

      Thanks for sharing your comment with us!


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