Musings of the Day: When Swapage Goes Terribly Wrong!

I love swapping makeup. I haven’t done so in a long time but I adore hanging out on Cozycot, Specktra, MUA, etc…to discuss makeup, do cps, or just enjoy a swap or two. Which brings me to today’s Musings.

Have you ever had a swap that went wrong? Maybe you’ve been swap-lifted? Gasp! Or got the item and it was in totally gross condition?

Tell me your swap story and jump ahead for my tales of swapage that have gone terribly wrong!

Honestly, I’ve only ever been blessed with the best swap partners. Particularly my good friend Iris comes to mind when I think of hardcore CP’ing. I swear Iris must curse the day she met me because she’s probably never got such requests as the ones I loaded on her. Truly a swapper/cp’er extraordinaire.

Personally, I stink at cps, swaps, trading, etc….since I started Musings. I just have no time to complete a good cp and I’m a total wash up. It’s so bad I just stopped offering altogether.

But days of old when swapping was my game I’ve been lucky enough to always have a great partner to trade with. I can only recall two times that I had a problem with a swap and I’ve never mentioned them on the Internet until now but have been known to make my friends laugh rather loudly when I tell them that swapping can sometimes be disgusting.

Generally I never look to swap anything used. I’ve been known to swap away gently used items however I personally don’t want used items. I know I’m so anal, apologies. Moral of the story is everything I’ve ever swapped for was brand new aside from this one time when I decided to swap for a MAC Cream Blush. At the time the girl who contacted me wanted something really badly from my list and she had absolutely nothing I wanted. But she was begging and pleading with me so I felt bad enough to give in and select an item from her list. I ended up going with a MAC Cream Blush that said “gently used”…honestly I had no intention of using it because I know how I am, miss germ-a-phobe, but since her list consisted of 99% used goods it was the only item that looked somewhat good. I was thinking once I got it I could just put it back up for swap.

I got it alright but the description failed to tell me that the swap also included hair. Omg so gross. The compact had two strands of long brown hair. Can I tell you I didn’t even bother opening it. I took one look at the blush through the transparent plastic barrier and proceeded to ditch it.


Just ew!

To add insult to injury she included two extras. Extra that were also used…as in used chapstick in Cherry and some no name lipstick that was equally used almost completely used up…maybe 50% lipstick remained.

To say I was horrified is an understatement.

That’s about the worst swapping experience I’ve had thankfully.

How about you?

What are some of your swap nightmares?

Tell the Muse!

  • 3/4/10 2:54 Jennifer:

    Most of my swaps have gone well, but I have had about four experiences where people don’t clean the packaging, leave brush bristles or hair in the makeup,the packaging has obviously been using a million times (I believe in recycling, but it has to end at some point) then I was given a “wonderful” extra once which was a brush completely packed with bronzer…ugh I thought I would hurl at some of these so now I am so picky. I used to swap when someone would ask just trying to find something I would like the best from their list…no longer will I do that. I will only swap if they have something that I have really been wanting the item…Right now, I am on the hunt for the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray and One Hot Minute from Benefit…I am dying to swap those if possible. Have a great day:)


    • 3/10/10 15:29 the Muse:

      ew jennifer I know the feeling. I’d buy them new lol! as you dont wanna get them with hair inside haha!


  • 4/28/10 9:39 Lauren:

    Except for eyeshadow, I dislike the idea of buying anything used from anyone. I’ve never really swapped anything though – I just pay people money for stuff cos I don’t have anything that’s worth giving away.


  • 5/31/11 16:07 kate:

    whoa…what?! gosh, i feel like a ding dong, but i had no idea people swap makeup?! what a cool concept! do you get to keep it if you like it? what happens if you don’t? put it on the list for someone else to swap?


    • 5/31/11 16:28 the Muse:

      MMM yup kate they sure do. various forums and livejournal groups do it :) If you don’t like it you can’t return it yup either back on the swap list or tossed!


  • 11/4/11 19:50 Anna V:

    Hey Muse, long-time reader since 2007 here.
    I was reading your post on “swapping” make-up.
    How do I kick start the process, what’s the unsaid etiquette? Generally I have noticed other women buying new items in exchange for something else new.
    I’m from the UK and it’d be cool if you ever decide “swap” me something for what you’d like in return.
    I am aware that you like the Gorgeous moisturizer from LUSH, over here in the UK it’s $60 compared to $90 in the US. So if you’d like, I wouldn’t mind sending it to you with free shipping since it’s relatively cheap to send via 1st class.
    Kind regards, Anna.


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