Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder Review

Skin79 is a Korean Brand responsible for creating some incredible BB Creams. I recently purchased one of the new Skin79 Diamond Collections which includes a slew of great goodies for one low price. Included with the set was the Skin79 Diamond All-Day Sun Powder.

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This retails for 24,000 (around $19) won but comes sold in a kit for a mere 53,900 won (around $43). The powder is ideal if you’re wanting extra sun protection and a transparent powder to set your foundation or BB Cream. This has an SPF30 and protects from UV rays A and B. It’s rather great as it offers sheer coverage, evens out skin tone ever so slightly, plus has the added benefit of an SPF 30.

The powder comes housed it the most convenient packaging. A sifter jar holds the powder and the top screws off to reveal a built in puff for smoothing the powder onto face. The puff does a great job of blending the powder onto skin and keeps the task mess free.

The powder itself is very silky and smooth, quite lightweight so once in place it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. It doesn’t cake or flake on dry skin but provides nice even coverage. Although transparent for the most part it does give skin a very nice even finish. It sets BB Cream and foundation as well as mattifies skin ever so slightly.

Overall, I love the idea of a finishing powder that has a strong SPF and multitasks to set my foundation and even out my skin tone. Plus the packaging can’t be beat, loves it!

I purchased this directly from Korea but I have seen it on E-bay for close to regular retail of around $19.99. This isn’t too bad a deal especially if you’re as freaky as I am about sun protection.

If you’re wanting to forgo the nightmare of greasy, oily SPF (many are you know!) this is a great alternative.

  • 10/8/09 14:54 Vivi:

    Hi! Can you tell me the diff. between the Diamond Collection and the Diamond Prism Collection? I noticed that the prism one had hot pink packaging and the reg. diamond one is the just pink. There’s 2 powder pacts.. the hot pink diamond prism ver. and the reg. pink one. Wondering if one might be better than the other?


    • 10/13/09 9:27 the Muse:

      no difference in the powders vivi…they are exactly the same texture and formula just different clothes. As the for the other items those are slightly different as the bb’s included have various formulas and textures. Some are for whitening, highlighting, etc…aside from that the powders are the same! Neither is really better than the other just depends on the type of BB’s you like and use.


  • 1/8/10 20:08 suz:

    do you know if this clog’s pores? You’ve already said you don’t have large pores…so not sure if you know or have heard it from anyone else. thanks


    • 1/11/10 12:47 the Muse:

      Hey Suz I haven’t heard…..if I do I’ll let ya know!


  • 1/27/10 21:52 dee:

    do you have the ingredient list?
    I really want to know what’s in it. and also, ingredient is my major deciding factor in buying ‘anti sun’ products. 😀

    many thanks.


    • 1/28/10 9:10 the Muse:

      aw I don’t sadly dee :( Sorry hun!


  • 4/16/11 13:05 Daphne:

    Mind i know between Skin79 Diamond All Day Sun Powder and Skin79 The Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact , which would u prefer ? And why ?


  • 6/7/12 13:16 Shanice:

    Hi there, is this powder suitable for oily skin ? and does the powder stay long? and also is it easy to be carry everywhere in bag?


  • 7/19/12 1:13 Emily:

    Hi, I wanted to know the staying power on this powder. Does it keep your skin matricide? Or does it make your skin oily after a few hours? Please elaborate for me because I’m wondering if I should get this for my by cream. (so tired of using setting powders from America)


  • 7/19/12 1:14 Emily:

    Ugh I meant mattified


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