Backstage with Sally Hansen at Tracy Reese and All Lacquered Up

As you know the Muse doesn’t cover much in the way of nails over here but she was quite excited to see her good mate Michelle from All Lacquered Up featured in the Backstage with Sally Hansen video. The video features nail trends during Fashion Week 2009 and has a great recap of the show with interviews from Tracy Reese, Gabrielle Union, Michelle from All Lacquered Up. Michelle is looking lovely and all in the know with the trends she spotted this season, you’d think by now the Muse would have picked up a thing or two about good nails from her….oye, I need to work on these poor nails.

You can read more about the backstage show and the trendy nails at the show by visiting

  • 9/21/09 11:13 pickledgreens:

    I’m glad you’re not covering nails like other blogs. I don’t get all the fascination with nail color. Sometimes I’ll do polish. Most beautiful women I know don’t bother with their nails.


    • 9/21/09 11:32 the Muse:

      Hi Pickedgreens!

      Yeah that’s one area I’m clueless about 😀 I’m totally in the dark when it comes to nails. I don’t do fashion week and such either…I figure people come here to hear me babble makeup and that’s exactly what I want to give them 😀

      Anyone who does nails or fashion, etc…I give them props as I’d have a hard time writing about the topics!


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