Beauty Abroad: Lisa Eldridge For Boots No7

It’s that special time of the year kids…or not (I know, it takes a special girl to love Boots cosmetics). It’s when Boots No7 decides to launch a cool new collection at us. As you know the Muse is fond of the special releases over at Boots and does so wish they’d bring these things over to her side of the pond.

Jump ahead for a peep at the Lisa Eldridge for Boots No7 Collection.

British Beauty Blogger has the word on these new palettes from Boots No7 and after viewing her post the Muse is wriggling in her seat in hopes of collecting both brand new palettes.

The limited edition palettes will be released in November and based on 1930’s Russian Art. As for this Muse she can appreciate cosmetic art. That gold one is screaming my name.

  • 9/3/09 17:57 robyn:

    i stay in uk and i think no7 sucks the nail varnish refuses to dry the eyeshadow cracks and ive never liked anything else ive bought either but still im always tempted by the cute things they bring out dont usually buy but have you seen their new mascara it looks like it will suck but ive never seen a applicator like it i feel i just must try it

    the aplicator is like a row of plastic squares incrediably weird its called extravagnt lashes google it be interested if yuv ever tried anything similar


    • 9/3/09 18:03 the Muse:

      hey robyn!

      no7 in general isn’t the best line around, totally agreed! But I do so love the LE items they bring out too 😀 they are always so cute 😀 interesting haven’t seen the new mascara yet…something new to lem! hehe!


  • 3/23/10 15:24 talesin:

    I really like the Boots NO 7 line perhaps because we only get a limited supply in the states at target.The moisturizers are great and don’t have a sticky feeling. Need it with 20 below zero weatherF not Centrigrade.


    • 3/23/10 17:58 the Muse:

      hi talesin just wish we’d get more at target 😀


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