Beauty News: Prescriptives Calyx Here To Stay


With the news of Prescriptives closing down many a fan were worried about about where there beloved Prescriptives Calyx would end up. This happens to be a fragrance the Muse recently discovered and loved.

She was ever so delighted to hear that Calyx is alive and well even if Prescriptives won’t be around much longer the much beloved fragrance is here to stay.

“The Prescriptives fragrance Calyx, which is a favorite among consumers, will continue to be distributed through Aramis and Designer Fragrances and sold at the fragrance bar in select fine department stores and online beginning February 1st….”

Ahhh everyone sigh in relief with me….!

  • 9/19/09 8:58 BeautyBitch:

    Lots of and lots of perfumistas will start breathing easier now. It’s a real 80s classic that has survived and been a best seller despite no advertising, no gaudy packaging revamp and no celebrity “face”. It survives purely for its gorgeous smell!


    • 9/21/09 15:06 the Muse:

      hey bora! Me included, I just discovered it and was terrified it would be gone forever 😀 Exactly just gorgeous scent and no fanfare involved yay!


  • 9/21/09 15:05 Kay:

    No Way!!!! I finally found a concealer I really really like, and its from Prescriptives! :(


    • 9/21/09 15:08 the Muse:

      aw kay hurry up and grab a few hun!


  • 2/27/15 19:19 tamara:

    Calyx by Prescriptives is the best but yet it is sadly gone. Calyx by Clinique smells nothing like the original


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