Benefit BADgal Brown Mascara

It’s just about time now that Benefit BADgal came out with a new shade. We’ve been through all of ’em now almost…standard black, 80’s blue, and even a rich plum….

And now?

Now, Benefit steps back and takes on a deep chocolate brown to darken lashes. Ideal for those brown eyed gals dontcha think?

Benefit Badgal Mascara Brown

Looks like slimmer packaging as well and a slimmer applicator brush too….hmmm…interesting.

Are you a Benefit BADgal?

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  • 9/15/09 18:51 Fresco Phyrra:

    It’s funny you posted this! Today is the first day ever I’ve needed a brown mascara for a look, but I don’t have one. I do have the black BadGal Lash and the Brightening Blue. I really like them.


    • 9/15/09 20:25 the Muse:

      ha I read minds 😀 Good news for you since you’re already a badGal fan!


      • 9/16/09 11:58 Fresco Phyrra:

        Yeah, for whatever reason, the BadGal big brush works for me, in my opinion.

        However, the other mascara I like is the one you recommended, the Bare Escentuals Magic Wand Brushless Mascara.

        Both work better for me than my MAC mascaras ever have!

        Right now, I’m using Aromaleigh’s Lash primer, then the Benefit Mascara and I’m pretty happy with the results :)


        • 9/16/09 11:59 the Muse:

          hey dd!

          You’re lucky…I really should haul my out and retry it 😀 I LOVE the BE one so glad you loved it. 😀 I really don’t like mac mascaras much meh. ooo you should dry urban decay mascara primer potion it’s incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 9/16/09 10:02 laura r:

    i got a free BadGal with my last Benefit purchase and was very glad i hadn’t paid for it. i love the colour (brightening blue) but haaaaaaaaated the formula. it was almost as bad as Maybelline Great Lash….a little volume, no curl, couldn’t hold a curl either, and clumpalicious. oh, and zero length.

    not happy-making.

    i went back to LashBlast.


    • 9/16/09 10:06 the Muse:

      aw yack sorry to hear it Laura :( not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand Great Lash why do people rave it constantly?!?!?!?!?


  • 9/16/09 11:40 Vanessa:

    I’m a little apprehensive about this version. The wand has shorter bristles – so it can’t really compare with the original BADgal “bodacious brush”. Plus, the size of the tube should mean it’s cheaper since there’s less product, right? Benefit doesn’t seem to think so. For now I’ll have to pass on this until I hear good reviews about it.


    • 9/16/09 11:56 the Muse:

      hey vanessa!

      haven’t tried as of yet but yea the applicator is smaller than the big old brush that comes with the other badgal lash mascaras 😀 You’re right it’s a tiny bit less than the original as well. But who knows could prove to be a cult fav! 😀 I’ll try to get a review up soon and let ya know the deets. are you a fan of the badgal black?


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