Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow I Cannes & I Will Review and Swatches

The Muse feels it’s her responsibility as a Benefit girl to let you know that the Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow Collection has been updated with a new shade called, “I Cannes & I Will”.

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow I Cannes I Will 7

This was a little hush, hush as Benefit didn’t really go full force into Fall as many brands do.  You know Benefit they like to wow us with one major release at a time not entire color collections but just a single awesome item every month or so.

Loving Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow?  If so take the jump for a peep at the new color!

So this is the weirdest eye shadow I’ve had the pleasure of owning. At first glance and swatch it’s a beautiful shade of dusky rose or cranberry with pretty golden shimmer. Actually, come to think of it, it isn’t entirely fitting with the velvet finish of the regular shadows in this particular collection. It’s a bit smoother, less frost, and has a tiny twinkle of shimmer.

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow I Cannes I Will 1

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow I Cannes I Will 2

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow I Cannes I Will 3

Anyway…the interesting part I’m talking about is the fact that it morphs in color. It starts off almost cranberry and even swatches as such but once it’s on the eye it turns into an aubergine shade. Benefit calls it a golden mulberry plus their site has a swatch of a beautiful shade of purple. So I guess I’m not completely nuts as although it appears one shade it’s very much another. At first I was ever so slightly disappointed as in the pan it’s just a thrilling shade of rosy cranberry but I was feeling the love after application as it lent a certain mystery to my eyes. The gold sparkle adds to the appeal and the interesting formula make it an ace with me. I have four other shades of Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow but the others are a bit frosty in finish where as this was very smooth and buttery with a slight twinkle, quite nice.

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow I Cannes I Will 9

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow I Cannes I Will 10

Benefit Velvet Eye Shadow I Cannes I Will 6

All in all it’s a very unique shade and worthy of a pick up. Sephora doesn’t yet have it in stock so head to your local Benefit counter to swatch and play.

Anyone see or try this yet?

Loving it?

Tell the Muse!

  • 9/23/09 13:54 laura r:

    a bee-yew-ti-ful look for fall! suits ya. i’m rather impressed that it looks like a completely different shade on!


    • 9/23/09 14:12 the Muse:

      hy thank you Laura *hugs* It’s interesting completely morphs!!!!!


  • 9/23/09 14:29 mary_in_wonder:

    wow it’s pretty! It looks such a warm golden brown swatched but once on you looks again like in the pan XDDD


    • 9/23/09 15:01 the Muse:

      hehe isn’t it lovely Mary? :-D weird shade as it morphs and changes :-D


  • 9/23/09 14:43 Marley:

    LOVE this color on you; I will definitely be checking it out. It’s so fall!!!


    • 9/23/09 14:53 the Muse:

      thanks marley :-D It’s a nice one! Let me know what you think after you swatch!


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