Eyekco Cosmetics 25% Coupon Code

Before it hit the blog world the Muse was prob one of the first ones to babble Eyeko Cosmetics to the universe. This indie brand has been a fond favorite of mine for ages and ages.

Good news if you’re an Eyeko fan girl like myself as you can enjoy 25% using promo code 25percentdiscount at checkout off your total purchase. Sale is on for 48 hours only so go shop now before it’s overz and of course as with every Eyeko sale shipping is free. If you’re new to the brand might I suggest snagging my holy grail product, Eyeko Cream, loves it!

Feel free to chat all things Eyeko in the comment box!

Happy Shopping!


  • 9/30/09 13:54 jonnie:

    I’m doing well… been pretty busy. I get your daily feed on my BlackBerry and when something catches my eye I check it out and maybe buy it (in this case! :) )… I gotta admit I don’t know what the cream is for, but I figured it’s recommended by you, it’s cheap, and it’s cute, so I’ll figure it out from there. 😀

    Thanks for asking! Seems like you’ve been pretty busy yourself recently… how’s things with you? :)


    • 10/1/09 15:05 the Muse:

      Hi Jonnie!

      yay thanks for subscribing! It’s good for highlighting, using as an eye shadow even, or just fora hint of pink on your cheeks 😀

      very busy, very swamped 😀 it’s always nuts around these parts but I chug along thanks for asking hun!


  • 9/30/09 17:50 Mollie:

    I’ve always been lemming after Eyeko! It just looks so cool.

    But the Eyeko cream might make me look like a disco ball.


    • 10/1/09 11:45 the Muse:

      aw sorry mollie. I try mixing it with my face cream for just a tiny hint. but me I’m always looking disco ballish sadly lol. I like the glitter a wee bit too much!


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