Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color Review and Swatches

Did the Muse happen to tell you that she adores pretty powders?  No great secret there right?

Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color 6

When she first got a peek at the new Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color Powder she was quite of the mentality that she didn’t really need another pretty powder.  Truly she tried hard to resist but after testing it out, it quickly grew on her and now she’s ever so happy it’s making friends with all the rest of the powders in her stash.

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Ohhh silky powder in three soft shades with a gorgeous embossed floral design? I’m on it.

Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color 7

Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color 8

At first I wasn’t feeling the love as I thought, “oh noes not another frosty highlighter” but actually it’s not a highlighter so don’t skip our because you’re thinking it’s a simple frosty highlighter, it’s not, the Muse promises it’s so much more.

Each compact is made up of three lightweight shades of color that blend beautifully well. There are two shades selections available which are Petal Pink and Peach Blossom. The one I tried out is Petal Pink which is made up of a pale pink, a deeper true pink, and a heart of warm dusky rose. As I mentioned above I didn’t expect pigmentation or color of any sort and was thinking this would simply work to highlight my cheeks. Not the case at all.

Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color 9

Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color 2

Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color 1

Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color 3

Although the outer ring is meant to highlight the middle and center of the powder is pigmented enough to add a radiant, warm glow to my cheeks. To use you can sweep all the shades together which I find works best or you can use each shade separately to highlight and add flush to cheeks where desired.

Considering the Petal Pink is so warm on my cheeks it’ll work incredibly well for Fall. I was pretty shocked as I expected a bit too much shimmer or maybe a frosty finish but what I got was a nice warm shade of rosy pink blush ideal for the cooler weather.

Flirt! Flowerific Cheek Color will be available exclusively at Kohl’s Stores and priced at $16.50 Each.

Overall, I liked the one I tried out very much and will be taking some time out to swatch Peach Blossom as if it’s anything like Pink Petal it’s worthy of a pick up.

Loves it! Total Muse Approval for purchase. A surprising little addition to my Fall makeup line up this season.

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