Givenchy Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner Poetique Lavender Review and Swatches

So the Muse is busy trying to take on liquid liner again. She hasn’t perfected her technique yet but she’s trying hard. In my bid to become a pro liquid liner I’m testing out the new Givenchy Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner. I’m thinking in order to perfect the perfect cat eye I need expensive, posh, $27 dollar liquid liner. What better one to give a whirl than Givenchy’s? Right?

Givenchy Parad'Eyes Fluid Eye Liner Poetique Lavender 1

I know the mentality behind my cosmetic Musings even baffles me.

Jump ahead for the review and details!

Givenchy Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner gets the award for most pigmented liquid liner around, whoa. The shade I tried was from the new Fall Collection and is entitled Poetique Lavender which is a blend of midnight blue and purple with hints of violet sparkle. The formula’s pigmentation is outstanding which makes it easy to work with as it doesn’t skip and you aren’t left with a smeared line and having to go back again and reline. You know that awful feeling dontcha? The intense pigmentation lays claim to it’s ease of use as a little drop goes a long way and it fairly glides on without skipping.

Givenchy got all techy with the formula as it contains a surfactant derived from sugar for a smooth application and a combination of resins and polymers (sounds like DIY beauty to me) to form a protective seal and hold the liner throughout the day making it flake and smudge proof.

Givenchy Parad'Eyes Fluid Eye Liner Poetique Lavender 2

Givenchy Parad'Eyes Fluid Eye Liner Poetique Lavender 3

Givenchy Parad'Eyes Fluid Eye Liner Poetique Lavender 4

As for the Muse she’s still clueless when it comes to liquid liner but having a good formula to work with makes all the difference in the world. Good stuff Givenchy, you’re making it easy to succeed at liquid lining.

What are your favorite liquid liners?

Are you a master at lining with liquid?

Prefer gel or pencils?

Tell the Muse!

  • 9/9/09 16:36 Irene:

    I have this eyeliner in black!
    The only thing I hate about it… it’s not waterproof :(
    They should make it waterproof =p hehe


    • 9/9/09 16:39 the Muse:

      hey irene

      That was one thing I liked as I wasn’t sitting there trying to rub it off all night like MAC LiquidLast hehehe…damn that stuff is crazy bulletproof!


  • 9/13/09 12:44 petitez:

    I prefer gel liners…. Dries instantly and has the effect of a liquid liner! :)


    • 9/14/09 9:34 the Muse:

      yup pets! always the way to go as far as I’m concerned 😀


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