Korres Herba Materia Toning Cleansing Foam Review

Ahhh blessed simplicity.

Sometimes it’s what makes my world go around. Simplicity comes housed in a foaming cleanser from Korres with a paraben free formula and plenty of good for you ingredients you’ll agree simple is sometimes best.

Korres Herba Materia Toning Cleansing Foam 1

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There are some days the Muse goes out with a slip of lipstick, a touch of foundation, and a little dot or two of cheek stain. These are the days I come home and don’t need to do a whole lot of cleaning. These are the days I reach for simple and natural Korres Herba Materia Toning Cleansing Foam.

Korres Herba Materia Toning Cleansing Foam 3

This soap-free cleansing foam is extremely gentle and ideal for cleansing your face in a flash. The formula seems to be a great one for those with sensitive skin or those prone to tight skin after cleansing. The foam has a pleasant, fresh scent and absorbs into the skin almost instantly upon contact. Rinse with cool water and you’re skin will be lovingly rinsed away of the day.

I prefer using this during my less is more makeup days as it works best cleansing lighter makeup. The foam is an added bonus as I adore foam cleansers. It’s very light, gentle, and simple. You aren’t going to get a ton of bells and whistles just simplicity and sometimes in skin care simplicity is bliss especially for problem or sensitive skin.

Korres Herba Materia Toning Cleansing Foam 4

Korres Herba Materia Toning Cleansing Foam 8

Korres Herba Materia Toning Cleansing Foam 5

Korres Herba Materia Toning Cleansing Foam 6

Overall, I absolutely adore this for the days my skin chooses to freak out as it’s gentle and washes clean away without drying or creating further havoc.

  • 9/21/09 21:04 Jamie:


    I’ve been a lurking reader of your blog for some time now…and was so disappointed that I missed the deadline for the Muse/Korres coupon code! Do you know if it’ll come back?

    Also, I read the review you did on the yoghurt mask, and wanted to suggest that you give the thyme and honey mask a whirl! My friend has dry skin and loves it.

    Take care!!


    • 9/22/09 10:32 the Muse:

      hi Jamie!

      Thanks for reading 😀 Ummm I dunno. I’ll have to ask. Maybe I can request another one for after the holidays!? I’ll see what I can do 😀

      I’ll def try out the TandH mask on your suggestion 😀 Thanks!!!!!!!!!


  • 9/23/09 12:12 Mollie:

    How would you say this compares to the 3 in 1 Milk Emulsion? I’m using that at the moment and I’m almost out… I’m really happy with it, but honestly, I like foam in my cleansers!

    And how long does a bottle of this cleansing foam last? I know you don’t use yours everyday, but I probably would be. The 3 in 1 was 21 USD, but it’s lasted me since around April and I still have a fourth left. Basically, would paying the extra six dollars be justified in terms of lasting power? LOL.

    Yay for Korres! Oh, also, have you tried any of their eye creams?


    • 9/23/09 12:24 the Muse:

      hey mollie I adore foam too.

      Sadly haven’t tried the 3 in 1 milk emulsion :( so can’t compare. I’m sorry!

      Hmmmm well I will say I use Kose Airy Whip daily which is actually smaller in size so I’d say you could get 3 to 4 months out of it maybe more if you are using once daily.

      I have indeed tried some of their eye creams..I have reviewed line up but I’m still playing so I can’t say if it’s a yay or nay yet…:-D Eye Creams take a little more time in the testing department!


      • 9/23/09 13:38 Mollie:

        Airy Whip sounds like fluffy goodness!

        Thanks for the approximation, even though you haven’t tried the 3 in 1. =) No worries!


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