Lush Karma Promo Code: Free Stinky Karma

Lush has the Muse told you today that she loves you? She truly does. Has she also said how much she hates Karma? Seems it’s so bad you have to give it


Jump for it.

Ahhh the sweet errmmm gross smell of Karma. Let me tell you about Karma. Picture this, oranges and dirt. Yes, indeed that’s about the extent of what Lush Karma smells of…..some like to refer to it as a hippie like blend, me I may be too young to appreciate the scent of hippies. Honestly, I’m a free loving spirit but if hippies smelled like oranges and dirt in 1960’s California I’d probably never had made it, damn.

The good news?

For those who absolutely adore Karma you can get a free Karma product of your choice at Lush simply by spending $60 bucks and using promo code FREEKARMA.

This Muse?

I’ll enjoy it from a very far distance.

Share you love for Karma or your dislike.

I’m a listenin’!

Fun Fact: Karma is one of Lush’s most popular scents (who are these people that love it so much!?)

  • 9/2/09 21:16 Nikki:

    I LOVE IT…lol will be gettin’ it.


  • 9/30/09 23:55 Hazel:

    I know, who are these people that love Karma so much?

    I got the cream and the powder from my in-store purchase for free. And geezeee they stink! The cream texture is nice but man the smell is killing me and it sticks on the skin for a longggggg time.


    • 10/1/09 11:40 the Muse:

      omg hazel do not want right? It STINKS! Stinky hippy smelling to me 😛 yak!


  • 12/8/09 2:31 natty:

    me, me, me!
    i never smelled karma until a couple months ago although i am into lush for years (i don’t know how that happened :) ). But when i did i became obsessed! I even keep a piece of the soap in my purse to smell and feel better when i am tired or stressed.
    I looove the karma kream, the soap but not so much the solid perfurme. The karma perfume was sold out when i went to the lush store.
    ps. love your blog muse!


    • 12/8/09 14:22 the Muse:

      whoa natty sounds like you are a lover of karma :-D! I’m not sadly, too weird smelling for me I like lush’s sweeter stuff 😀 hehe!

      Aw thanks hunny!


    • 1/11/10 21:24 jezebel:

      Natty, I’m with you 100% I feel like I waited my entire life to find this scent. I won’t ever go without it. I thought my scent was Intuition one of Aveda’s Chakras, but something was missing. THIS is it. Without a doubt. I’d pay any price for it, it’s intoxicating!!!!!


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