Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight Review

Hey lovies!

The Muse happened to be in Sephora a few days ago and had a peep at the new Philosophy makeup display. Remember how they used to have the skincare against the wall and the shower gels kinda hanging out in a middle rack? At least that’s how mine had it. Anyway…’s still like that but now they have an entire display for the cosmetic line. I thought this was rather exciting as I’m hopeful it means good things are coming our way from Philosophy. They really seemed to pay special attention to their color cosmetic line this Fall so maybe they’ll consider releasing more items next season.


‘Nuff of my babblings. How about a Philosophy review to celebrate?

Ahhh the moonlight, isn’t it terribly romantic? A touch on your face creates an instant highlight and a beautiful finish. How can we bottle up the moonlight for our faces?

With Philosophy the Supernatural Moonlight! Instant traces of a luminous glow for your cheeks and face all bottled up with a sponge applicator for easy application.

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 5

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 6

Loves it!

Jump ahead for the review.

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight Natural Illuminating Powder is a translucent powder you can use to finish up a makeup look or use as a highlighter on cheeks and face. It comes housed a jar with a sponge applicator top for easy, mess-free application. It’s a very basic formula which is pretty much free of harmful ingredients such as parabens.

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 3

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 7

The powder itself is a deliciously silky smooth powder which blurs imperfections on your face such as fine lines, dullness, etc… has a very faint shimmer to it so as it disguises your problem areas it also offers a beautiful highlighted finish. The packaging makes it fairly easy to work with as it distributes just the right amount without creating a mess. It’s not shimmer overload so no worries. It’s a very simple yet effective way to create a luminous glow on your face. I love how it works at not only making my face glow but also setting my foundation while erasing dull spots on my skin.

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 8

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 1

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight 4

As for me? I’m sorta getting my Cullen grove on. I want to be all glittery like Edward please thanks so much.

Philosophy The Supernatural Moonlight it’s a love. Gorgeous stuff and well worth picking up.

Anyone try yet?

Is it making a guest starting appearance on your wish list?

Tell the Muse!

  • 9/28/09 16:47 MissTat:

    This looks nice… Have you tried Aromaleigh’s Twilight Lustre powder?
    That’s love. It’s what I use to give my skin a “glow”. BTW, hi :) been reading ur blog for awhile and now is the time I start commenting. I like reading your reviews, keep it up!


    • 9/28/09 19:21 the Muse:

      Hi Misstat thanks for coming out to comment 😀 *hugs*

      I tried umm the finishing powder? That was ok! Haven’t tried the Lustre Powder though will add it up on my list! I love AL 😀 thanks for reading and finally commenting today always nice to speak to readers!


  • 9/28/09 17:05 hannah:

    nice muse! it looks gorgeous..haha love how you said you wanted to achieve that “glittery edward cullen” look.


    • 9/28/09 19:20 the Muse:

      I wanna be all edward like when I grow up hehe Hannah!


  • 9/29/09 14:20 MissTat:

    yeah I love AL (have over 100 of their shadows!!!) I tried their Ultra-Res powder and it’s a bit dry. But I’m using the Twilight Lustre as a finishing powder and it’s good for me, so definitely try it out!


    • 9/29/09 16:01 the Muse:

      damn misstat hauling much AL? 😀 they really do a great shadow! Will do! Sounds cool!


  • 9/29/09 14:45 Mollie:

    Gah, I hate Twilight… anyway…

    This stuff looks awesome! Very subtle. =) I’m turning into quite a Philosophy fan.


    • 9/29/09 15:58 the Muse:

      lol nooo Mollie. You’re not a Twilight girl!? 😀 hehe. Lots of people can’t stand it. I guess they over marketed it. I loved when no one knew about it 😀

      Philosophy is great. Been a philosophy girl skin care wise for ages!


  • 9/29/09 16:15 MissTat:

    LOLL! much AL doesn’t begin to describe. But yes. Most of these are samples, though. I still have some untouched ones, however. Any good makeup spots that I should know about for my trip to NYC?


    • 10/1/09 15:03 the Muse:

      Ricky’s MissTat 😀 that’s a good one to start especially considering you like loose piggies 😀

      god I’m like that with MAC pigments some are completely unused!


  • 1/26/11 15:15 claire:

    what would you recommend more as a highlighter? this, high beam, or bare escentuals all over face color ?


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