Product Musings: Mirenesse


Today is a rather busy day for this Muse.   How’s your day been so far?   This morning I was trying to quick dab and go makeup and was looking through some of my older, mixed up makeup draws and I happened upon some of my Mirenesse collection.  Whoa totally a break down moment as I forgot how much I enjoyed the brand back in the day.

In honor of my dash and go look I created today using Mirenesse I thought I’d do a little Product Musing about it.

Mirenesse 2

Gather round kids let’s Muse Mirenesse.

Please tell you’ve discovered the joys of this great little Australian brand. My first try was when I seen a presentation of the color cosmetics on HSN. Now normally HSN isn’t always the best place in the world for cool makeup finds, I leave that up to QVC. But on a rare occasion I have discovered pretty awesome brands on it such as Morgen Schick. The best news is that Mirenesse is now widely available on their own website where as a few years ago it was kinda exclusive to HSN if you were in the US.

I consider it bit of an Indie line as it’s not widely known but still manages to have a small groupie base that really adores it. They make incredible mascara which is one item that really sticks out for me. Another item that I really adored were the Mirenesse Piano Eye and Lip Palettes. These kinda mimic Milani’s Runway Eyes but they were out way before. Each palette contains five strips of color for eyes or lips. The colors are all quite pigmented. At the time the design really tickled me as nothing else on the market was quite like it.

Mirenesse 6

Mirenesse 7

Mirenesse 8

Mirenesse 13

Mirenesse 9

Mirenesse 10

Mirenesse 11

Mirenesse 12

Mirenesse 3

Mirenesse 4

Mirenesse 5

I’ve since discovered many little bits and pieces from Mirenesse that I really love. It’s one of those interesting brands that no one really knows about but when they do discovery it, it’s a love.

Hope you’ll take some time out today to Muse Mirenesse with me if you’re a fan.

If you’re not, a happy adventure awaits you.

  • 4/5/11 16:20 Sandra:

    Do you at QVC sell Mirenesse cosmetics any long?


    • 4/5/11 16:25 the Muse:

      qvc never sold mirenese Sandra, HSN did.


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