Steal It: Too Faced Smurfette Collection On Sale At Sephora

Too Faced Smurfette Collection 1

Well, the Muse could have predicted this one. The Too Faced Smurfette Collection is marked down 50% Off retail at Sephora. The color changing gloss seems to be long gone but the Smurfette So Smurfy Eye Shadow Collection and Smurfy-Eyed Liquid Liner is now on sale……sadly the highlighter appears to be gone as well.

If you haven’t already got your smurf on you can now at a discount price.

Go Steal It!

  • 9/10/09 15:12 Kristin:

    The whole collection, including the highlighter and the gloss, is available at the Too Faced website for 50% off as well! I just ordered a back-up of the highlighter (I never order back-ups, but I LOVE this stuff!) and the gloss. Can’t wait to try the gloss!


    • 9/10/09 16:06 the Muse:

      awesome thanks for telling us Kristin! I tried all of it when it came out…brought it right away from Sephora but was a little disappointed. The price now is kinda way better and worthy of a pick up 😀 especially a back up of the cute highlighter!

      the gloss is cool! I didn’t like the palette b/c of the fall out :(


  • 9/10/09 15:44 Marie:

    I wasn’t going crazy about the eyeshadow palette, but know that it is half priced, I really want, the eyeliner is lookin good too.


    • 9/10/09 15:49 the Muse:

      marie me either. fall out city. but at half price it’s worth a pick up!


      • 9/15/09 9:36 JuliJo:

        There is really only “fall out” on one shade. I just thought you may want to be more clear as you keep saying it over and over and if applied properly by pressing as opposed to brushing it on, the problem is drastically reduces. The beautiful colors make the little extra effort worth it.


        • 9/15/09 10:34 the Muse:

          No actually JuliJo you’re wrong. Two shades are have major fall out and shimmer finishes causing a big mess when applied. Even with proper prepping and primer the gold shade and the slightly beige pink shade have alot of fall out all over the place. They are both very beautiful shades if you read my original review on the palette I liked it very much aside from this problem.

          Thanks so much for the comment!



  • 9/10/09 17:10 Anitacska:

    Hmm, that reminds me, you could never be bothered to CP me one of these……


    • 9/10/09 17:28 the Muse:

      actually Anita I have it here. I was just to swamped…am swamped to reply to emails and such :( I’m so sorry. I’m def bad with CPs!!!!!!!!!! yak!


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