Steals and Deals: Sugar Cosmetics for .99 Cents

Sugar Cosmetics 11

Golly, the Muse kinda misses Sugar Cosmetics. They sure did have some fab finds in my humble opinion. Like those awesome baked blushes! Remember those?

If you haven’t quite gotten your Sugar fix on allow me to give you the chance on the cheap. We like cheap don’t we?

Snag a limited amount of Sugar Cosmetics for .99 cents on the Sugar website. They are pretty much clearing it all up at this point and it’s just a small amount of goodies but none the less it’s a buck….a buck is a buck right?

Check it, these bits are worthy of your change.

Sugar Cosmetics 4

Sugar Cosmetics 3

Sugar Cosmetics 2

Sugar Cosmetics 1

I snagged a few of the Plump It Up Glosses and other bits to stick in my little cousin’s Christmas stocking…ok, ok…I admit I also grabbed one or two for me.

If you’re lemming some Sugar check it out at

  • 10/1/09 14:05 melissa:

    Thanks for this!! For a total of $12.00 with shipping I’m getting $7 pieces. This a good deal for me to play or as you suggested stocking stuffers for the little girls. I’ve had a sugar brand gloss here and there over there years and they are pretty good so for a buck a pop they are even better!


    • 10/1/09 14:27 the Muse:

      my pleasure melissa so glad you snagged some 😀 I thought the gloss was a steal. I hauled a buncha of little bits and bobs for my little cousin, she’ll get a kick out of it and some plump gloss for me 😀


  • 10/2/09 5:41 Mara:

    I sort of bless and curse the day I found your blog. Bless because your excellent reviews and photos help tremendously in making me a wiser and more informed beauty product buyer; curse because of the damage you do to my poor wallet! (But seriously, keep up the great work. =P)


    • 10/2/09 9:25 the Muse:

      hi mara lol sorry hun 😀 believe me I sometimes do damage to my own wallet hehe!

      Happiness is makeup hehe!


  • 3/23/10 17:01 Linda Marie Nelson:

    I am looking for Sugar Brand Liquid Sugar in HABIT. Have you come across it or know where I can find it?


    • 3/23/10 17:47 the Muse:

      hi linda not sure sorry as the line was axed sometime ago.


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