Victoria’s Secret I Love Coconut Collection

Victoria's Secret I Love Coconut Collection 1

Ok, nobody panic but I think someone forgot to send out the memo to Victoria’s Secret about it being Fall.


With the introduction of the new Victoria’s Secret I Love Coconut Collection one does wonder what’s up at VS headquarters. Maybe they are just in denial that the season is over and in honor of it still being Summer over at Victoria’s Secret they decided to bring us a tropical coconut collection to make us yearn for those long, humid days.

Could be anything but the Muse chooses to believe that someone screwed up and didn’t tell them it’s Fall.

It’s ok though, I can still so get excited about coconut.

Jump for it!

I actually smelled some of this on a recent foray into VS and I have to say I’m a tiny teeny bit disappointed as they all smell like coconut. But Muse, you just said it was the I Love Coconut Collection….yes, yes…I know but they have three new scents mixed with coconut so each in turn should have a strong base of coconut and a follow up note that’s in the blend. Sadly, the notes all just mix together and you get a dominant note of coconut with little twists of something more. Those little twists weren’t unique enough to make me splurge. Unusual for sure since I have a bit of a pokemon collect ’em all disease when it comes to new releases from Victoria’s Secret.

The collection consists of three new Beauty Rush categories in two new scents. It’s a release of a Beauty Rush Drink Lotion, Beauty Rush Double Mist Body Spray, and Beauty Rush Glimmer Swirl Lotion. The scents available are Coconutty which is a blend of vanilla and coconut and Cocoberry which is a blend of coconut and berries.

Victoria's Secret I Love Coconut Collection 3

Victoria's Secret I Love Coconut Collection 2

I could probably see myself hauling both even thought hey aren’t particularly special scent wise if they had released them in regular body sprays. Sadly, the formula is the Double Mist which I’m not particularly partial to since it feels a tad oily on my skin.

All in all if you’re a Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush fan you may want to stop in for a sniff and re-live Summer with a blend of tropical coconut.

Anyone smell ’em yet?


Tell the Muse!

  • 9/13/09 17:09 April M.:

    haha you won’t believe how often I’ve been stalking your blog waiting for your review on this collection (I knew you would eventually):] I think I’m going to hold off ordering them online & go to the store to see for myself. Sorry to hear it’s a tad disappointing though!


    • 9/14/09 9:33 the Muse:

      hi April!

      LOL awesome 😀 A bit. I’m still tempted to go ahead and buy anyway but I’m somewhat disappointed they are the double mist…they are terribly oily feeling 😛


      • 9/14/09 15:37 April M.:

        yeah i don’t like the double mists either:[ That’s kinda a put off for me. I only have 1 & can’t stand it. I’m hoping for some holiday scents, atleast from B&BW. Their Halloween items are disappointing. I’m missing the Temptations line dearly!


        • 9/14/09 15:39 the Muse:

          hey april!

          ditto. very disappointed with BBW Halloween this year but not surprised. They are releasing less and less stock prob the economy and such. I heard that Temptations are coming back 😀 someone twitted me good news about it and said that this year the traditional blends such as candy apple will be released as a 3 in 1!!!!!


          • 9/18/09 8:25 April M.:

            wow thanks for the news! I heard they discontinue the line, maybe just for the holidays they’ll be brought back. I’m obsessed w/ 3 in 1s. I’m hoping for some new scents (not just vanilla bean noel, twisted peppermint, & winter candy apple). Philosophy just released their Christmas ones & I’m lemming for peppermint hot cocoa:]

          • 9/18/09 8:26 the Muse:

            my pleasure april!

            They did indeed but a reader confirmed she heard from a rep there would be a few new ones this season…I haven’t heard the word officially yet but I’m hopeful!

            Yum peppermint hot cocoa 😀

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