Victoria’s Secret Pink Me Up Collection

One can never have to much pink in one’s girlish life wouldn’t you agree? Victoria’s Secret Pink Me Up Collection is a extension of color cosmetics that have been introduced and modeled after the Pink Bath and Body and Fragrance Collection.

Victoria's Secret Pink Me Up Collection 45

The Muse questions if this collection will be a yay or nay with the VS makeup lovers out there as it does have a certain girlish almost child-like look about it…but hey who knows right?

Jump ahead for the deets!

Here’s the deets on what’s being released.

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Me Up Polish

Available in six shades for 3 for $15 ($7 Each)

Includes a vibrant shade of polish with sparkling crystals inside the cap for application on nails or toes.

Victoria's Secret Pink Me Up Collection 3

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Me Up So Soft Lip Pot

Available in eight shades for 3 for $15 ($7 Each)

A smooth, soft balm flavored like a smoothie with just a hint of color!

Victoria's Secret Pink Me Up Collection 2

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink Me Up Chubby Eye Crayon

Available in eight shades for 3 for $15 ($7 Each)

Jumbo sized pencils that can be used to line or shade eyes.

Victoria's Secret Pink Me Up Collection 1

  • Victoria’s Secret Pink me Up Glossy Globe Lip Gloss

Available in eight shades for 3 for $15 ($7 Each)

Twist to reveal two shades of sparkling, shimmering lip gloss.

Victoria's Secret Pink Me Up Collection 4

All in all the collection does have a certain juvenile look for me. I’m the queen of kawaii but this could prove a bit too much even for this Muse. Considering the amount of shades released with each product I’m picturing these will be around for the long haul but who knows they could be destined for the clearance bin shortly as well. Sadly, if you’re not up for shelling out $15 bucks which breaks down each product to $5 each than you’ll have to pay full retail of $7 each. Honestly, the better deal with be just to haul three. I do like the looks of the soft lip balm but aside from that everything else is just a tad too cutesy for me.

What do you think?

Yay or Nay?

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  • 9/15/09 17:47 Fresco Phyrra:

    I’m sayin’ nay. I’m not sure of the quality of the product. And they’re crazy with their nail polish prices. You can get better nail polish for less than half the cost if you purchase Color Club.


    • 9/15/09 20:24 the Muse:

      hey dd! too true! It looks a little kiddish to me. Like that Sephora girls collection they used to have meh


  • 9/16/09 9:51 laura r:

    three words to describe this:
    high school cheerleader.


    • 9/16/09 9:59 the Muse:

      LOL Laura exactly!


  • 9/17/09 0:11 Dina:

    i think the eye crayons look like a bit of a possibility but that’s about it. i always go for the chubby ones (or a brush and shadow) b/c i am a total dumba** when it comes to eyelining – can’t do it capt.


    • 9/17/09 9:10 the Muse:

      hey dina they also have loose powder shadows now too and some other bits….I’ll have to post about ’em. The eye crayons look decent and love the potted gloss 😀 me either don’t feel bad LOL!


  • 9/18/09 0:05 elizabeth:

    I’m saying yay! These products might be too girlie for some people, which I understand, but it’s the girlie-ness of the whole PINK line in general that I love so much, & these cute makeup products are no exception. I just bought my first 3-for-$15 group of them today-I got the chubby eye crayon, the so soft lip pot, and the lip gloss ring, & I love them! I had gotten sick of boring-looking cosmetic items & these are a breath of fresh air for me, & from my favorite line!


    • 9/18/09 13:06 the Muse:

      hi elizabeth!

      awesome!!!!! What do you think so far of the soft lip pot? I’m really into those 😀


  • 9/23/09 0:45 elizabeth:

    hi! yeah i LOVE the lip pot! what flavor did you get? i got the banana & i’m actually thinking about getting the mint too.


    • 9/23/09 9:11 the Muse:

      none yet elizabeth can’t wait to try though 😀


  • 3/17/10 19:46 jessica:

    :) i just got the orange so soft lip pots and it is amazinnn! it smells like creamsicles and uhh so moisturizin! i highly recommend this but other than tht the rest of the collection looks a lil kiddish. :) thts just my 2 cents!


    • 3/18/10 9:26 the Muse:

      thanks for the rec jessica haven’t picked any up yet but will def look at the soft pots 😀


  • 7/16/11 20:09 delilah:

    i love pink me up i have lots of stuff from pink me up in! Tucson Arizona


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