Yes, I’m still alive!


Yes, the Muse is still here and very much kicking and breathing.  As you may have noticed the site is being revamped a fair bit and it’s not what you normally see when you load Musings.

Try not to worry too much.  It’ll be back to it’s formal glory soon.  I have a slew of reviews and posts for you but I’m a bit behind during this move.  I’ll get to them all as quickly as possible but for now if you can just be patient with me while I work on the kinks I’d be every so grateful.

Hope all is well!

Feel free to comment and tell me what you’re missing about your Musings!

Talk soon!

  • 9/4/09 0:49 Hailee:

    I miss the pretty green graphics and the girl on the top of the page!


  • 9/4/09 7:10 the Muse:

    hi hailee no worries a new template is in the works soon!


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