Beauty Abroad: Kesalan Patharan Holiday Coffret 2009

Kesalan Patharan Holiday Coffret 2009 21

The Muse is making her Japanese wish list and checking it twice.  One item that is currently topping the list is the new Kesalan Patharan Holiday Coffret 2009.

You can see why I wants it right?

Jump ahead for it!

The coffret retails for 8,400 yen and is available exclusively in Japan.  It includes a gloss, brush, and gorgeous highlighting powder. I believe it officially releases this Friday.

I’m on the fence currently about this one as the Lunasol Coffret is also on my wish list and considerably cheaper in price but oh how the powder calls to me in this set.

Kesalan Patharan Holiday Coffret 2009 2

Overall,it looks like a very elegant collection of beautiful makeup but I’m leaning towards Lunasol because I do believe I’ll make more use of it considering this cries at me to stuff it into the beauty vault and never use it.

Loves it!

  • 10/22/09 14:25 Karin:

    Ha ha, beauty vault! I hear you. I’d like to pass along some of the things I no longer wear/wear as much, but I want them worn, not tossed out. They look brand new.

    I never saw this brand in my area.


    • 10/27/09 11:12 the Muse:

      hi karin 😀 anything that is semi good I always give away too, rather it go to someone who will use it than waste away 😀

      The brand is Asian which is probably why you haven’t seen it as it’s not available within the US :)


  • 10/22/09 16:20 Lisa:

    Where do you go to buy your Japanese cosmetics? I’m just curious cause everywhere I look they over price them ridiculously.


    • 10/22/09 16:27 the Muse:

      I know Lisa it stinks sigh. I have friends in Japan who get them for me.


  • 10/22/09 21:00 Tammy:

    Wow I can see why you want it–AND also why you’d never want to use it! The powder is so precious and beautiful why wreck something so perfect??? …But that is pretttyyy expensive o_O I’m lemming for Lunasol’s Coffret Holiday Set ^^


    • 10/23/09 9:43 the Muse:

      hey tammy! Exactly LOL! I’m debating actually on coffrets and the lunasol was on my list…I link I’ll make more use of it and it’s cheaper than this 😀


  • 10/26/09 2:03 Nicole (Dolce Beauty):

    Muse! Those look gorgeous! I’ve never ventured into the world of cosmetics abroad, but I can see why you’d love it :)


    • 10/26/09 9:19 the Muse:

      isn’t it lovely nicole? WANT! 😀 oh it’s a terrible addiction try not to get roped in hehe!


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