Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Gift Set

When it comes to makeup, fragrances, shoes, bags….ok…let’s leave it at makeup and fragrance for now.   When it comes to these things the Muse tends to come down with a bad case of the pokemon disease.  This disease makes her want to collect items…very bad for your health my friends.  Now this could be an eyeshadow….she can’t just haul the green shade she really has to haul the green, the blue, the pink, the purple, and the yellow, another words, the entire collection.

If you happen to have this disease the only known cure is hauling all of the items you are currently wanting.  Take for example the Harajuku Lovers Fragrances…god those things are so bloody addicting.  Seriously, do I have to pick just one?  Heck No!   I want them all!

Now you can have them all at a really good price too.

Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Gift Set

Considering it’s the big Sephora Friends and Family Event you can haul the brand new Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Gift Set for $80 bucks.  This knocks down each girl to $16 each.  The normal cost for the set is $100 but you can use the FF2009 promo code and snag ’em for 20% off which breaks them down to $80 for all five scents plus they come in a little hat box.  I went ahead and hauled them so I can have the hat box as I already have the fragrances.  As for each of the girl’s I’m keeping them to use as host gifts for Christmas parties, or to give to my mail girl, etc….why not break them down and give them as gifts right?  Only problem is I’ll be passing on the dreaded pokemon disease to the person I give the one fragrance too….I imagine they’ll soon want to haul all of ’em like me.

Oh well, it’s the though that counts, I can’t account for the sickness that comes with it.

You can haul them now at Sephora.

  • 10/21/09 0:46 Hailee:

    Ahhh I love the new “outfits”!! It sounds like the answer is yes, but are they ste the same scents?


    • 10/21/09 10:37 the Muse:

      same scents, new outfits hailee 😀


  • 10/26/09 10:44 rz:

    do u know how many oz is each? I saw the individual ones it was 0.33oz not sure about the set though…


    • 10/26/09 11:19 the Muse:

      0.33oz each rz 😀

      hope this helps.


  • 12/16/09 19:56 Marina:

    Okay, so I’ve been lusting after these for a while…I own Music in the original outfit, but these are too darn cute. Luckily, today I received a gift card in the mail for Macy’s from a family member for Christmas…I swear, it started innocently…just seeing what I may want once I went out shopping after Christmas. I went to the website, already knowing these were on my radar. And I was really surprised to find them buy one get one free. Mind you, you HAD to get the free one in the same scent…which was a bit of a let down, considering I wanted to try Lil Angel as well, not just G. But you can’t go wrong with 2 ltd. editions for $30! True, shipping set me back a bit, and tax added a small fee to it. But I still had $ left on the card. SCORE! Is G nice? I smelled it briefly at Sephora once, but I didn’t have time to truly get the feel of it.


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