Jane Iredale Chocoholicks

The Muse is personally addicted to chocolate. Now mind you I don’t like just any chocolate. I’m a Cadbury kinda girl, any choc from England is welcomed and I do accept bribes and forms of payment in Cadbury Roses if you’re wanting to go ahead and gift me. At some future date, like not today, but really soon I’m picturing Prince William will come whisk me off my feet and propose but here’s the kicker…he’ll put the ring inside a box of Cadbury Roses oh and it’ll be the Queen’s idea to do this.

Jane Iredale Chocoholicks 1

Ahh romance.

But anyway yea…I like chocolate from the UK. I also happen to love Jane Iredale Chocoholicks.


Four shades, for flavors, all housed in a cute little box. What are Chocoholicks? Why hydrating gloss of course.

You’ll get four cute little chocolate themed glosses in the following flavors:

• Truffle is a rich, chocolate brown gloss tasting of decadent, double chocolate.
• Chocolate Orange is a shimmering copper gloss pairing the flavors of deep, dark chocolate and zingy orange.
• Strawberry Cream is a glossy pink and tastes of luscious berries dipped in chocolate.
• Caramel is a sheer bronze gloss with sensuous, buttery sweetness.

Jane Iredale Chocoholicks 11

How good do those sound? And fat free! But I will warn you Chocolate Oranges are evil aside from that rejoice, no calorie chocolate enjoyment from Jane Iredale.

A box of four Chocoholicks for is $44 and available now from http://janeiredaledirect.com

Since William is taking so long with that proposal I think I’ll buy these to console myself.

  • 10/29/09 20:38 su-pah:

    please tell me these are available in the UK!?!?
    like…. :O


    • 10/30/09 9:59 the Muse:

      oooo good question su-pah! I’m not sure my dear but I’ll check around and see!


  • 10/30/09 8:22 laura r:

    lol. i am a chocoholic, and the presentation on this is stinkin’ adorbs!


    • 10/30/09 9:53 the Muse:

      right laura? I wonder if they taste as yummy as they look!


  • 10/30/09 13:25 dangster:

    Oh wow. Those would make an excellent gift for the choc-and-makeup lover in your life . . . ME! 😀


    • 10/30/09 13:30 the Muse:

      lol dangster 😀 I’m with you! love me some good chocolate!


  • 10/30/09 13:38 su-pah:

    i just ordered them from ebay last night soon as i saw this post. so no waiting for them to arrive to UK shores.


    • 10/30/09 13:40 the Muse:

      good on you su! Were they very expensive on e-bay!?


      • 11/9/09 17:17 su-pah:

        oh-emm-gee! these are love!
        they came today and taste and smell so chocolatey and lush! usually these cosmetics can’t get these kind of products to hit the spot, but these work!

        it cost me £27 inc. delivery charge, so works out about £6.50 for each lip balm, only slightly more expensive than any drugstore lip balm here. in USD that’s about the same as the RRP.
        It’s just so worth it! 😀


        • 11/9/09 17:18 su-pah:

          cosmetics brands*


        • 11/10/09 16:49 the Muse:

          oh su-pah! So jealous! Must have them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) damn! I wants too 😀


  • 11/2/09 12:56 daisychain:

    You have excellent taste. I love cadburys roses too, even better as they are everywhere in the shops right now, ready for Christmas!
    I shall pop some in the mail to you some time!


    • 11/2/09 15:30 the Muse:

      grrr wish I was in England dear 😀 I’d be hauling Roses like a looon 😀

      Awwwww your so sweet 😀 *hugs*


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