Origins Ginzing Eye Cream Review

Oh thank Origins for creating a product to battle my puffy, tired eyes and dark circles!

The Muse jumped at the chance to try out Origins Ginzing Eye Cream…I mean seriously it’s promising to go into epic battle with my eyes here and refresh ’em to make me all beautiful and stuff.  How could I refuse?

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream 1

Jump it to see if it won the fight.

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye cream promises to brighten and depuff. This is a big undertaking for the Muse as she has major puff and she can def use a little brightening action as she always looks a little sleepy.

So you had a late night…I have those alot….I seriously need to get to bed earlier and drink more water and maybe just maybe I’ll look semi-decent in the morning instead of scary zombie girl that needs a batch of concealer to make me look presentable.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream 2

Origins Ginzing sports a caffeine and coffee bean formula which has been known to work at depuffing. It also contains Panax Ginseng, Magnolia Extract, and natural optic brighteners to wake up your tired eyes.

I’ve been using it 3….maybe 4 weeks now? So far, so good. I will say it hasn’t performed any miracles but in my experience with both expensive and holy cow WAY expensive eye creams I’ve never successfully found one that works at completely ridding me of the heavy baggage I carry around.

Here’s the deets.

For younger eyes it’s ideal. If you’re up late at night studying or just partying to hard and you’re in your teens or twenties this will work an absolute dream at depuffing your tired eyes and perking them right up.

If you’re older chances are you’ll need something a bit stronger to kick the puff. The good news is I find if I use it after a good night’s sleep it depuffs fairly well. As in I’m not attempting to walk around having had four hours of sleep but looking like I had 12. No way is this going to help that. But if I get my normal 7 or 8 I find this works fairly well at depuffing minimal puffiness and making me looks awake and refreshed.

The formula absorbs easily and it has a tiny bit of a pink tint to it. It’s nothing dramatic really but it seems to have light reflecting pigment which could account for it’s ability to make me look rested and diminishes or blurs the look of my dark circles.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream 3

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream 4

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream isn’t going to perform miracles but it will fight the good fight and get your eyes looking the best they possibly can look in the morning. I’ll definitely repurchase again as it’s inexpensive price tag ($29.50) and cool formula kept me happy. No, it didn’t perform any miracles but it did take me from looking tired to somewhat perky again!


Anyone try?

How do you depuff?

Tell the Muse!

  • 10/3/09 2:43 Jin:

    Oh Muse … after I started reading your musings, I feel like buying more and more things, even though my drawer for skincare & make-up is pretty much bursting already @__@ I think the price is affordable & the tub’s quite big isn’t it? I wonder how much it will cost here locally though … prices always tend to get jacked up :(

    I’m currently surviving off a sample of Clinique’s All About Eyes cream, so I’m looking around for something to replace that when its finished!


    • 10/5/09 11:18 the Muse:

      awww Jin! I’m sorry I create terrible lems for you! 😀 It’s a pretty big size plus a dab will do you 😀 I like Clinique ABE but I need a little something extra for my dry eyes!


  • 10/3/09 16:40 mary_in_wonder:

    hah! a working eye cream for only 30 bucks!!!


    • 10/5/09 11:16 the Muse:

      hehe Mary!


  • 10/4/09 17:55 hailee:

    ooo im gonna have to get this!

    At this point, all i do to “depuff” is press a hot wet wash cloth under my eye for 5 seconds.


    • 10/5/09 11:16 the Muse:

      oh I do that hailee! With a cold wash cloth 😀 It works a fair bit as well 😀 easier with a moisturizer though 😀 as you get the added benefits of hydrating your skin as well!


  • 10/5/09 4:37 Rocketqueen:

    I am so going to try that one!

    By the way, I’m visiting Canada (Toronto) next week. What should I shop for that we don’t have in Europe? Do you know? Faves?


    • 10/5/09 11:15 the Muse:

      hey linn 😀 good for late nights! hehe!

      Hmmm I dunno. I’m not much into the Canadian beauty scene. See my “Canada” tag as there are some bits and bobs under that 😀 hope it helps! Have a great trip!


  • 12/20/09 1:33 sophia:

    Anyone know whether Origins Ginzing Eye Cream works well on eye spots removing? Thanks!!


    • 12/21/09 16:40 the Muse:

      eye spots sophia? what are eye spots hun?


  • 5/7/10 17:33 sezar:

    we can work together.! :)


  • 5/8/10 2:42 May:

    Does this work well under makeup?


    • 5/10/10 9:13 the Muse:

      under makeup May? as in concealer you mean? Yes.


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