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Pop Beauty Cabaret Bouquet 1

So nice to see Pop Beauty introducing brand new bits and bobs via Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works lately.  I’m quite a fan of the line and was very disappointed when Sephora stopped carrying it.

Have no fear though it’s out there and still creating great things for us makeup junkies.

Jump ahead to peep the new Pop Beauty Cabaret Bouquet Palette!


Bring the glamor of the Cabaret to your makeup collection with this velvet compact filled with a selection of yummy Pop Beauty treats for eyes, cheeks, face, and lips.

Pop Beauty Cabaret Bouquet 2

The palette is $32 and includes:

  • 5 Shades of Shadow
  • 1 Matte Face Powder
  • 5 Face Highlighters
  • 1 Bronzer
  • 4 Lip Duos

Pretties right?

Wants it please.

Available now at Victoria’s Secret.

  • 10/28/09 14:21 laura r:

    oooo. aaaaah.

    hey Muse, Pop beauty is all over Ulta stores. and BeautyTicket.


    • 10/28/09 14:24 the Muse:

      and beauty crunch laura w00t! 😀


  • 10/28/09 16:17 MC:

    Very pretty. I think I may have to check it out. :)


    • 10/28/09 17:17 the Muse:

      I’m kinda biding my time MC hoping it hits the semi annual lol!


  • 10/28/09 18:04 dina:

    pretty pretty :) i never have any luck w/ pop though, always disappointed w/ quality . . . . but it definitely is eye candy :)


    • 10/30/09 10:34 the Muse:

      dina kinda hit and miss sometimes! I love the packaging on pop but occasionally I’ve run into one or two items that were chalky so I know what you mean but damn I STILL love what they put out :_D


  • 10/28/09 21:57 Comrade_Garlic:

    Pretty, I hope Ulta has it when I go this week. I’d love to play with it. Did you see the Pinup shadow palette on popbeauty.co.uk? So pretty.


    • 10/29/09 10:53 the Muse:

      YES YES YES comrade! Loving it! I’m slightly obsessed with pin up art and such so that was totally a great one for me!


  • 10/28/09 22:11 Melissa:

    Does VS discount make up on the semi annual too? I never noticed that.. I like this palette but I don’t love it enough to cut into my SHU money LOL.


    • 10/29/09 10:52 the Muse:

      yes sometimes Melissa. Last year a buncha makeup was discounted! 😀


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