The Muse Thinks Pink: Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne Review


Although I’m generally a foody, fruity, sweet type of girl when it comes to fragrances one floral note that gets me each and every time would be roses.

Jump ahead to think pink with Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne.

Composed of seven types of roses this clean, fresh floral blend has hints of crushed voilet, hints of lemon and spearmint and a deep dominant note of pure red roses. This one brings out my Victorian side to the max. I absolutely adore scents that have a pure hard rose note or base as it candies due to my body chemistry lending a certain sweetness to the final dry down. Although minor notes of other herbs and flowers are included in the blend for the most part red rose is the final note that rings true and beautiful in this fragrance.

Cologne may make you worried to try but have no fear it obviously contains heavy perfume oil content because the scent lingers all day with a good throw. Personally I think it’s fabulous for day or evening wear as it’s so soft, pretty, and ultra feminine without being nauseatingly floral. It’s simply fresh and simple.

Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne 1

The best part about the Jo Malone Red Roses Collection is the fact that Jo Malone will donate $15,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (the same foundation I am supporting this year) in connection with sales of the cologne and bath oil from the Red Roses line.

Think Pink with Jo Malone and help support an important cause this month.

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