Beauty News: Bath & Body Works and LeSportsac Teams Up

LeSportsac 003

If you happen to be a fan of both Bath and Body Works plus LeSportsac get on board for a cool collaboration between the two.

This Winter, for a limited time,  LeSprotsac have teamed up with Bath and Body Works to offer it’s ionic collection of bags with Bath & Body Works PocketBac Hand Sanitizer Gel inside.

Bath and Body Works Pocketbacs are the perfect portable size of their hand sanitizer gel which has powerful bacteria killing ingredients to keep hands clean without the use of water, anywhere, anytime.

From November 16 to December 24th you can get a LeSportsac bag and a free Bath and Body Works Pocketbac plus a bounceback card good toward your next BBW purchase.

I could be a total goof but I love this.  LeSportsac are a fav of mine as I tend to like carrying around my entire life in a bag.  It’s a rather fun combination of two great items.

You can purchase online to get your free Pocketbac or in store.

  • 11/16/09 12:47 Paopao:

    ooohh!!! How cute! I adore pocketbacs, I got a 10 pack via ebay and my parents will bring me more from NYC!


    • 11/16/09 12:53 the Muse:

      me too pao pao 😀 I stuff ’em everywhere. Desk draw, pocket, purse, etc…with the flu season around I like to keep my hands as clean as possible :D!


      • 11/16/09 15:56 Paopao:

        I’ve already had it… there’s nowhere to hide when you work with small children!


        • 11/16/09 16:20 the Muse:

          LOL hells yes pao pao!


  • 11/16/09 13:44 MC:

    I want it. I want the bag now. I hope I can find a big traveling bag from this collection. LeSportsac bags are massive love to me..right next to TokiDoki bags. <3


    • 11/16/09 13:49 the Muse:

      I heart this bag mc, love penguins 😀

      and hells TokiDoki=LOVE!


  • 11/16/09 20:04 Mandy:

    That’s such a cute bag! I love the Lesportac bag style, but sometimes the pics/graphics is a bit too much for me. This one is great though. Maybe I should go and get one 😀 Is there a minimum purchase necessary?


    • 11/17/09 9:50 the Muse:

      Mandy me too! 😀 Love ’em! They really hold everything!!!!!!!!!!! No minimum from what I understand the pocketbacs are giving with purchase 😀 yay!!!!!!!!!

      I’m loving this penguin print!


  • 11/17/09 15:06 Mish:

    Hi, I can’t seem to find this anywhere. Where exactly do I look for it?


    • 11/17/09 15:08 the Muse:

      hi mish!

      bags purchased from or from a Lesportsac store will include pocketbacs from BBW 😀

      Hope this helps hun!


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