Benefit Full Finish Lipstick Review and Swatches

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 1

With Twilight around the corner (Go Team Edward!), Thanksgiving soon after, and plenty of leaves laying on the floor, I’d say it was still very much Fall around these parts even though the Holidays have be riding shot gun at Musings.

A little touch of Fall for you today with brand new shades of Benefit Full Finish Lipstick.


I remember wanting to haul Benefit Lipstick as soon as they came out but I dunno what happened, for some reason they got pushed to the back burner. I’m happy I got the chance with the new Fall shades as I’m really liking the lipstick.

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 2

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 3

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 4

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 5

The formula is nicely moisturizing, not overly much, and quite pigmented. It’s the pigmented formula which actually drew me in as the shades are all very vibrant on my lips and have great color pay off. It manages to stay on without drying out my lips or appearing cracked and gross as hours go.

The new shades for Fall are Break-Up Rumor, Fame Game, and Label Lover. Break-Up Rumor is a rich maroon red, Label Lover is a metallic peach, and Fame Game is a nude pink. The shades are all very warm for Fall and quite pretty especially Break-Up Rumor which will easily follow through into the Holiday season.

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 9

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 8

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 7

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick 6

Benefit Lipstick 101 1

Benefit Lipstick 101 2

Overall, if you’re a lover of lipsticks full of color minus shimmer or glitter these could appeal. The new shades are all rather flattering for the Fall season and can work well into the Winter. I enjoyed the formula which wears quite long and doesn’t migrate around on my lips as the day progresses. If you’re just wanting to try without dishing out a whole lot, check out the Benefit Three Lipstick Set from Sephora which is $18. If you’re wanting these new Fall shades they are available exclusively from Benefit.

Anyone a fan of Benefit Lipstick?

Let’s here it, curious minds what you think of these!

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  • 11/16/09 15:26 sparklingpinkgorilla:

    I’ve never tried Benefit lipsticks but these look really pretty!!!


    • 11/16/09 15:37 the Muse:

      hi sparklingpinkgorilla 😀 I’m gonna start calling you SPG 😀 haha! These are nice, my first time with ’em and I liked. Good color on them.


  • 11/16/09 16:27 dangster:

    When I was at my local Sephora store on Thursday for the VIB F&F party, I noticed that they had Benefit cream eyeshadow giftsets at the register–2 Benefit eyeshadows for $10, in a black organza drawstring bag. I HAD to pick it up 😀

    I wish I had seen the Benefit 3-lipstick set earlier. I would have picked it up when I used my Sephora VIB F&F online code.


    • 11/17/09 9:54 the Muse:

      dangster TOTALLY loving all these kits that Benefit has…I haven’t seen the cream shadow ones but I hauled the lust busters! That’s a FAB one…you got ’em for 8 bucks than with your FF right!?


  • 11/16/09 16:29 Nia:

    The look really promising, might be worth looking at them closer. Although I need more lipsticks like a hole in my head….
    Especially Break-Up Rumor looks good on you!


    • 11/17/09 9:53 the Muse:

      lol me too nia…snort….seriously I don’t need ANYTHING else in my traincase but after trying these now I wanna see what other shades they have damnit!


  • 11/16/09 22:20 Phyrra:

    I have to tell you, I only tried Benefit because of you. And every Benefit product that I’ve tried so far, I’ve liked.


    • 11/17/09 9:49 the Muse:

      aw thanks DD! 😀 That’s AWESOME to hear. Benefit has some seriously can’t live without product for me!


  • 11/17/09 0:18 jackieg02:

    I think Fame Game is calling my name. I have tried Ms Behavin from Benefit and I love it. Its just not an everyday color for me. I think I will have to check these out next time I’m in Sephora.


    • 11/17/09 9:47 the Muse:

      I think I have to check ’em out too Jackie. I wanna see the other shades, swatches on Benefit and Sephora are soooo inaccurate. I like the formula so much I think a few more colors are in order


  • 11/17/09 0:32 Melissa:

    i like all of em on you – fairer skin can be so versatile that way. I might try the label one – did you use a liner with them?


    • 11/17/09 9:46 the Muse:

      no liner melissa, I’m not too good with lipliner 😀 They are rather nice, first try with ’em and def a full color lipstick likey!

      I emailed you hun, your idea was fab but I dunno if I could ever pull anything like that off 😀 heeh maybe just me and you should do it together :-D!


  • 11/17/09 3:56 Aretha:

    break up rumor looks beautiful on you! :) yay for twilight. im all for sexy edward cullen 😛 hehe


    • 11/17/09 9:45 the Muse:

      aw thanks aretha you’re a doll!

      Hells yes! go team edward!


  • 11/17/09 10:16 gio:

    Break-up rumor looks gorgeous! Thanks for the review, I will have to check these out soon, they look very interesting.


    • 11/17/09 10:18 the Muse:

      my pleasure gio! 😀


  • 11/17/09 23:58 jones:

    i love benefit lipsticks ! i got misbehavin and good to go, then just now i was ordering from sephora online and got the set of 3 lipsticks for $18- a steal but mostly darker colors so not everybodys gonna like them but im so glad i ordered them!


    • 11/18/09 12:50 the Muse:

      hey jones awesomeness 😀 really loving ’em too! I didn’t mine the darker shades I just figured they’d be fab for holiday looks right?


  • 11/18/09 14:16 MC:

    Love Benefit lipsticks. Ruby Vibes is such a lovely color. I also love that everyone can wear almost every color of Benefit’s lipsticks. I own a few of them already. :)


    • 11/18/09 15:58 the Muse:

      MC love love ’em! They are really a full colored lipstick, fab stuff! and true it seems like all the shades I’ve tried work well for me aside from nudes no likey the nudes!


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