Friends and Family Events Abound!

Are you broke yet?  No?  Allow me to push you over the edge and tell you about four Friends and Family Events happening now or about to start.


Jump ahead if you dare.

If you missed out on Sephora’s Friend and Family Event have no fear’s is on! Enjoy 20% Off anything in your cart, discount is taken off at check out.

Friends and Family Sales Sales 1

Print the following and head to Henri Bendel to enjoy 25% Off or use promo code Friends & Family online from today to the 8th.

Friends and Family Sales 2

Haul Kenzo hard during their Friends and Family Event up until the 9th using promo code 09FAMILY which entitles you to 25% Off.

Friends and Family Sales 121

L’Occitane lovers enjoy 25% Off your total purchase from November 12 to the 15th

Friends and Family Sales 4

Oh and by the way, it’s not a friends and family event but H20 Plus and my favorite Indie online store, Sugar Pine Beauty, have discounts ongoing as well.

H20 Plus has a one day sale (today ONLY) for 25% Off your total using promo code 029046 and Sugar Pink Beauty is offering 20% Off today using promo code TAKE20.

Friends and Family Sales 5

Happy Haulin’ friends!

  • 11/5/09 17:57 Mona:

    i’m going to have to sell myself to slavery at this rate


    • 11/6/09 13:03 the Muse:

      sell organs Mona 😀


  • 11/5/09 20:35 BeautyBitch:

    Do you think there might be a MAC one this year? If so, I might take you up on the offer a cp of the MMM holiday palettes. I’ve been totting up the price here in Korea and it’s eye wincing.


    • 11/6/09 13:01 the Muse:

      hey bora. I’m leaning towards yes. Perhaps after the holidays though. Absolutely I’d happily do that for you Bora!!!!!!! 😀 Let me know ANYTIME at all, I’m happy to do it for you 😀


  • 11/5/09 21:28 tricia c:

    Sephora is have 20% off in store and online event for vib memebers just got my catalog and coupon in the mail today. Oh its next wk


    • 11/6/09 13:23 the Muse:

      yay 😀 I heard Tricia 😀 haven’t gotten a coupon yet though can’t wait 😀


  • 11/6/09 6:47 DonnaN:

    Such difficulty placing my order….system kept crashing and then the discount didn’t apply! Now, I have to call customer service later today…..GRRRRR!

    I did score the Lippmann HAPPY BIRTHDAY glitter polish, LORAC Cheek Stamp in HIBISCUS and two Prescriptives MOONBEAM glosses in METEOR and DEEP SPACE (which my local Prescriptives counter no longer has in stock, with the counter closure and all). So I guess I shouldn’t be too upset, right?


    • 11/6/09 12:47 the Muse:

      hi donna uh oh we gone broke hahah 😀 any luck yet?!

      Ohhhh nooo how much did you pay for that cheap stamp!??! It’s on sale on the lorac site for $4.99 doll

      RETURN IT :)

      good hauling on the rest :)


      • 11/6/09 13:36 DonnaN:

        I saw that AFTER I placed my order…..WAAAAHHHH! How easy is it to return stuff to


        • 11/6/09 13:38 the Muse:

          I dunno isn’t that sad? I never shop only sephora blah. Hmmm do they have a contact number by chance?


          • 11/8/09 20:48 DonnaN:

            I called to see if I could just remove the blush from my order, but it was already processed for shipping. They claim that returning it is an easy process, so we’ll see this week when it arrives. Another snag was that because I checked out through Paypal, I didn’t get the 20% discount, which they will ALSO need to fix. Not the easiest of processes, but I did get stuff that I couldn’t get at Sephora!

            Chalk it up to lessons learned…….

            Thanks for your help!!

          • 11/9/09 14:30 the Muse:

            darn donna sorry hun but hope you can easily return and haul on Lorac instead 😀 I find is a pain with the 20% off thing, just wish they would do a code like everyone else! This has happened to met on a pass purchase 😛

            My pleasure doll!

  • 11/6/09 9:22 genevieve:

    I know… its overwhelming..
    Here in Montreal we didn’t have the chance to get the f&f Sephora sale. But right now, its the annual “warehouse” sale for Clarins (Occitane, Nuxe), Lise Watier, L’Oréal (Lancome, Biotherm, Vichy, Maybelline etc….)
    All these in less than a month!


    • 11/6/09 12:46 the Muse:

      hey genevieve! damn I’ll trade you for the Clarins and Lise Watier 😀


  • 11/6/09 9:31 jonnie:

    Urban Decay keeps hinting on Facebook that their FF event is coming soon too… Damn them! 😛


    • 11/6/09 12:45 the Muse:

      oh no jonnie stop! 😀


      • 11/6/09 13:37 DonnaN:

        oh YES!!! That’s the one I’m waiting for!!!


        • 11/6/09 13:38 the Muse:

          me too Donna :)


  • 11/9/09 14:34 Andrea:

    Hey girl. Per your advice, I ordered the eye treatment from H2O+. I also ordered the Oasis moisturizer (not the ultra one b/c that scared me). Yeh–can’t wait to get it. Plus I saved money with your coupon. W00t!


    • 11/9/09 15:35 the Muse:

      Nice andrea!!!!! the ultra one with the beads right? I’m not a fan 😀 haha! I can’t WAIT to hear what you think! h20 really is a fab skincare line 😀 and glad you saved $$$!!!!!


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