IsaDora Holiday 2009: IsaDora Snow Fairy

IsaDora Snow Fairy Collection1

Merry days ahead my dears with the IsaDora Holiday Collection 2009 vying for it’s spot on my wish list. Sporting the name of my very favorite Lush Shower Gel, IsaDora Snow Fairy is a selection of cool, chilly shades of pink for a crisp, snowy look.

Loves it!

Jump for the deets.

IsaDora Snow Fairy Collection 11

Pink seems to one of those universal shades that works well on my skin tone so I’m pretty excited about this collection.

Here’s the full details of what makes up the IsaDora Snow Fairy Collection.

  • IsaDora Snow Fairy Eye Palette (#57)

The palette contains glistening shades of pinks and purples for a cooler look.

  • IsaDora Wonder Nail Polish

Shades: Icy Purple, Fairy Pink, and Twinkling Pink

  • IsaDora Lash Diamonds

Must like Givenchy’s version this adds a bit of silver sparkle to lashes simply by dabbing on.

  • IsaDora Glitter Liner

Shades: Silver and Snowy Pink

  • IsaDora Pink Bijoux

Cream-gel highlighter in swirls of shimmering pink and silver for face, eyes, and body!

  • IsaDora 3-D Glitter Gloss

Shades: Sparkling Crystal and Sparkling Opal

  • IsaDora Crystal Gloss LipStick

Shades: Sparkling Mauve, Taffeta Pink, and Twinkling Pink

  • IsaDora Mascara Flashy Curl
  • IsaDora Perfect Contour Kajal

Shades: Satin Magnolia and Satin White

IsaDora Snow Fairy Collection2

I really loved IsaDora Holiday 2008 so I’m quite excited about the introduction of this new seasonal collection. Not everything has made my wish list as some of the shades are a bit too pink for me to enjoy. I admit I was also disappointed that the new IsaDora Pink Bijoux Compact is a cream and not a powder. I was kinda hopeful this would be a powder, regardless I still want it.

I’m thinking the eye palette, highlighter, perhaps a kohl pencil or two, and the glitter liners will be something I snag this time around! Quite eager for it to make an appearance on IsaDora’s Amazon Store so I can haul.

What do you think?

IsaDora Snow Fairy Yay or Nay?

Tell the Muse!

This will be available later this month from Amazon if you’re lemming it after this post.

  • 11/10/09 12:56 Anitacska:

    Aaw, wish this was available in the UK. :(


    • 11/10/09 13:27 the Muse:

      anitacska don’t feel bad it’s actually kinda hard to find in the US too grrrr! One of our drugstores used to carry it but now it’s only available from Amazon or a place called cosmetic mall. Amazon is a pain in the butt with shipping costs and sometimes doesn’t get all the collection and Cosmetic Mall only lets you purchase 2 of the same item 😛 such a PITA!!!!


  • 11/10/09 13:53 maryinwonder:

    the colors are beautiful! On the model. That is…..but I’ve never tried anything from the brand.
    So how did you find the staying power of the 2008 eyeshadows?
    I don’t like creams anyway, so I bet I won’t go hunting it down….but the colors…mmmm tempting! >.<


    • 11/10/09 14:45 the Muse:

      hi mary. It’s quite nice and inexpensive 😀 staying power is pretty good but you need a bit of prepping and priming to make it work perfectly 😀

      These aren’t creams, they are powder. The highlighter would the the cream :)


      • 11/11/09 11:46 maryinwonder:

        aha! Thanks so much! I focused on the word cream too much XDD
        Will see where I can find it, and for how much~


        • 11/11/09 12:42 the Muse:

          lol no worries mary 😀


  • 11/10/09 15:24 Cucumpear:

    I have to check if I can find the eyeshadow palette and look at it in RL. The colours look gorgeous on the photo and I need more purples!


    • 11/10/09 16:39 the Muse:

      hi cucumpear!

      Def have my eye on that palette too :)


  • 11/11/09 1:37 Viktbloggerskan:

    Hi guys, if you you are interested in getting some Isadora stuff that isn’t available in the US or UK (or elsewhere for that matter), I’m living in Sweden and would be more than happy to swap you for the items you’d like! Just contact me on my blog or on MUA (my username is “Viktbloggerskan” there as well!).


    • 11/11/09 16:18 the Muse:

      thanks tina!

      That’s super nice of you!!!!!!!!!


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