Milani Holiday 2009: Milani Rock and Glow All Over Glitter Creams

Milani Holiday Collection 2009 111

Milani has been doing these rather sneaky little limited edition collections lately.  For example the Milani StyliSticks snuck up on me during a recent drugstore foray.  Also have you seen the small Milani Quads?   These are great, review coming on those soon.

Moral of the story is do keep your eyes open for these LE items as they sell out fast.   Speaking of LE…..Milani Rock and Glow All Over Glitter Creams are new for Holiday 2009 and should be guest starring at your local drugstore soonish along with a brand new collection of nail varnishes in several shades.

Jump for a peep!

For the nail girls, here’s a peep at the shades for Holiday ’09.

Milani Holiday Collection 2009 11

And for the glitter lovers here’s the new Milani Rock and Glow All Over Glitter Creams ($5).

Milani Holiday Collection 2009 4

Milani Holiday Collection 2009 3

Milani Holiday Collection 2009 2

What do you think?

Worthy of a haul?

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  • 11/4/09 15:56 Romy:

    Love these fun and festive glitter palates, especially the brown tones! And this price is fit for a Recessionista!


    • 11/4/09 16:13 the Muse:

      def romy 😀 recessionistas are ruling the beauty scene 😀


  • 11/4/09 17:25 Alexa:

    love the colors of the 2nd n 3rd palette! the 2nd one is definitely a xmas (drugstore) must have ! cant wait for ur review on these :)
    are these palettes and the polishes available in drugstores already?


    • 11/5/09 16:29 the Muse:

      hey alexa shhh don’t tell anyone but I’ll be giving a few away soon 😀 so don’t buy ’em yet maybe you’ll be lucky!

      haven’t seen them yet in stores but keep your eyes peeled!


  • 11/4/09 18:28 DonnaN:

    Which local drug store’s might carry this brand?


    • 11/4/09 21:05 the Muse:

      cvs donna :)


      • 11/5/09 19:45 DonnaN:

        Oh, SCORE….there’s a CVS right by my office!!


        • 11/6/09 13:02 the Muse:

          ha haul hard donna, haul hard, emailed you dear!


  • 11/5/09 9:08 Bonnie:

    Love these! Need to find a CVS in my area, though. Walgreens reigns supreme.


    • 11/5/09 10:48 the Muse:

      hey bonnie :) some walgreens actually have milani too but best selection is always at CVS imho!


  • 11/5/09 9:41 hiromix:

    woot the glitters look fab, and the apparent recessionista prices are most certainly appealing. totally digging midnight satin & garnet gems nail colour wise.

    BUT no milani in korea… T^T (at least that i know of)

    anyways, still nice to see milani brings out these LEs from time to time, maybe next time i’m in the states i should be so lucky to haul some?

    thx for the review musey


    • 11/5/09 10:48 the Muse:

      hey hiro!

      very friendly prices 😀 Hmm call me crackers but I think Singapore got Milani in now…but sadly not Korea 😛 My pleasure hun and def pick some up they have some REALLY nice shadows!


  • 11/5/09 23:00 Hana:

    I’m hoping the glitter isn’t too big in the palettes. I love shimmer, but big glitter makes me feel silly, unless it’s on my nails.


    • 11/6/09 13:00 the Muse:

      hana it looks like glitter cream….so I think it’ll probably bit crazy shimmery for sure. I TRY to tame my glitter habit down 😀 it’s hard, I’m addict. Need help!


  • 11/16/09 1:35 Del:

    Hey Muse- care to share any pix with us? I’m a lil’ anti-glitter, but if I see the wonders you do with it I could possibly be persuaded…especially since glitter-ridden faces are all over the Sephora zine…hehe…also looks like this is more easy to work with since it’s a cream.


    • 11/16/09 11:27 the Muse:

      Hi Del!

      Will try to get a pic up for you doll! Just give me a sec or two 😀 I’ll have a giveaway for these soon as well!


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