NARS 22% Off Coupon Code

nars artist palette

You can thank Christine for this one guys!

Enjoy 22% Off your order of $60 or more at NARS using promo code 0011290CP.

I’m not hauling so come back and tell me if you do so I can get my fix off your order!

Happy Hauling!

  • 11/17/09 22:44 Melissa:

    Ok so I looooooooove palettes with blush and shadows but i rarely use the lips so I had to do some math. $75 discounted is $58.50 the pallets have 2 blushes and 4 shadows so (excluding the lips) about 9.75 each color and less if you factor the 4 lips. Holy moly that makes it justifiable in my nars loving head. Now I have to pick one :)


    • 11/20/09 15:09 the Muse:

      oh melissa you are so good at justifying the costs LOL you can be my assistant 😀


  • 11/18/09 11:56 Jodie:

    Do you know if the NARS site ships to Canadia?? 😮


    • 11/18/09 12:43 the Muse:

      ummmmmmm good ? Jodie I don’t think so…..sorry 😛


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