New QVC Exclusive Philosophy Holiday Goodies

I want candy, I want candy….well, mmmm, better yet, I want new Philosophy please!

Dudes, I totally did the Hilary Duff youTube crawl as I seen the threesome between her, lonely boy, and V last night and I do believe I threw up a little in my mouth afterward. Meh…rather see Chuck get it on with two girls. Whatcha think?

Jump for it (jump for the Philosophy not the 3some)!

Ok, so I’m so on top of anything new from Philosophy which means I’m Tivo’ing today’s shows. Listen, no making fun of me, it was purely for research purposes that I happen to have a season pass to Philosophy showings on QVC.

It’s looking good too chicks as I’m quite excited about a few offerings. Here’s the deals.

Philosophy Merry-Mint Chocolate Box 3-in-1 Shower Gel Duo ($25.90)

Philosophy Holiday QVC 861

This one contains full size (16oz) Chocolate-Covered Cherry and Chocolate Mint Truffle Philosophy 3-in-1 Shower Gels (Item Number A93922)

Philosophy Snow Globe Body Souffle ($25)

Philosophy Holiday QVC 1

Philosophy Holiday QVC 81

A moisturizing body souffle infused with the scent of fresh snow (Item Number A93921)!

Philosophy Wishing You A Berry Christmas ($18.24)

Philosophy Holiday QVC 2

A super size helping of Philosophy Shower Gel with a berry festive scent (Item Number A93919).

Philosophy Color of Grace Heavenly Light Pink Illuminator ($23.14, Item Number A93932)

Philosophy Holiday QVC 4

Looks like that berry shower gel and that chocolate duo shower gel might make an appearance under my Christmas tree this year. I’m biding my time at the moment but I’m leaning towards both.

How about you?

Any Philosophy QVC Hauling in the works?

  • 11/11/09 17:10 sparklingpinkgorilla:

    I love watching Qvc/Hsn. It’s like window shopping but almost better because I can be in my pajamas eating potatoe chips haha! Don’t forget Nars will be on tonight!


    • 11/12/09 13:01 the Muse:

      haha sparklingpinkgorilla same here 😀 I watched the NARS a little this morning but mostly fast forwarded through, was kinda meh about what was offered and the looks they created 😛


  • 11/11/09 18:19 Marina:

    I still have to see that episode but I am afraid to watch it now 😀


    • 11/12/09 12:59 the Muse:

      LOL Marina….! Have fun 😀 It’s short but the ick factor for me was high!


  • 12/3/09 10:48 daisyv316:

    hey! I actually got philosophy state of grace fragrance wardrobe 4-pc gift set. Have you tried any of the fragrances? Have you tried the gingerbread man? I love him!! Just got me the body wash and I am about to get the body scrub, can not get enough of him =)


    • 12/4/09 13:47 the Muse:

      nice one daisy! :) Yes I have but not a big fan of the graces or love. Gingerbread man is fab thou :) he’s a good one! my fav is the senorita margarita scrub!


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