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face front cosmetics

Hey guys!

I’m a fan of FaceFront as you may know from my past posts. Just wanted to give you the heads up that they launched a new site, I’ll rant about it in a sec.

But in honor of the new site they have an awesome coupon code available which is $25 OFF any purchase of $50 or more by using promo code HBM5V (also Free Shipping is included). I’m going to indulge in $50 bucks worth of goodies and nail it for $25 w00t! I want a blush, one of the new shadows, a gloss, the new paint primer thingy, and two other things…forgot the list at the moment, senior moment. They also have a new collection up entitled Bound by Beauty which looks nice.


The site is better organized than the old one and I like it alot but gosh so hate the fact I have to do a bottom scroll thingy to see the full page. They so need to fix that and it’ll be perfect, so yea, rant over.


Happy hauling if you like!

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  • 11/18/09 18:23 michelle:

    ahhh thank-yoU!!!!! i love FF too! i saw this collection in the a little boutique and i’m glad i held off… i’m going to buy it online!


    • 11/19/09 14:43 the Muse:

      yay michelle $$ saved!


  • 11/18/09 23:27 Melissa:

    wowee the website gave me a headache. (the scrolly and the black background = ouchies) I’m not a techie but I bet there is a simple font and color adjustment that would fix both. I am a pushover indie anything. I read your old posts and placed a few items in my cart. After the Excedrin kicks in I’ll check out. So far I want the silica powder, because it sounds very mufe like , they eye primer, two shadows and a lip gloss. Thanks for introducing me to this line. :)


    • 11/19/09 10:28 the Muse:

      melissa HATE the site LOL the scrolling blows it 😀 my pleasure…try not to forget a blush they are SO popping LOVE!

      I want the primer too!


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