The Muse’s Gift Guide: Beautiful Twists Spotlight

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Hello, my name is the Muse, and I’m an Etsy addict.

Indeed, Etsy is some of the best shopping around especially for the Holidays. Who doesn’t want super unique gifts to give to friends and fam right? I have an Etsy Gift Guide for you that’s coming up shortly but in the mean time while that’s hitting the back burner allow me to re-introduce you to Beautiful Twists, one of my all time favorite shops on Etsy!


Last time I left Ella Dean she was busy creating awesome lip creations that hydrated, moisturized, and made my lips all kinda of happy that they smiled really big. But Ella is oh so busy and now she has not only one shop on Etsy but several others all of which not only include her cult staple item lip conditioner but also an array of perfume oils, body sprays, bath and body goodies, and tons of other great stuff. Ella, you’ve been very busy!

Prior to continuing on my babble about what a goddess Ella is please see my original Etsy Musings about Beautiful Twists, a brief review of the products, and even a little interview to get to know the hippy chick behind the creations.

Ella Deam Beautiful Twists 1

So let’s see if this Muse can get through it all!

We have the following shops from Ella now:

Beautiful Twists
Firefly High
and her newest shop Fern Lily Girls

Each shop has something different to offer and I believe, if you ask ever so nicely, she can combine your orders from each shop into one order. Don’t quote me on this but I think it’s possible. On a side note you can get your order up until December 12th for holiday shipping so I suggest doing it as soon as possible as Ella is very, very, very popular and her orders do take a week or two to get out but she has some extra help for the holiday so her time is up until December 12th so you can get your holiday order on time.

Beautiful Twists3

Beautiful Twists2

Beautiful Twists1

So what’s the deal with Ella?

She’s pretty much a green friendly girl and she makes incredible organic, vegan goodies that should appeal to just about everyone even if you aren’t as eco-friendly as Ella is. I’ve tried much of what she offers and I just did a recent haul which I’ll be doing some reviews on tonight, tomorrow, and the rest of the week. Her lip conditioners are top notch in my book and just incredible as are her body sprays and perfume oils, ok, I admit it, everything the girl makes is awesome.

I think she has some incredibly fun offerings for stocking stuffers or even as gifts. I think anyone’s friends or family can appreciate a unique gift this season plus one that won’t set you back $50 or more.

Do visit Ella at or by accessing any of the links above for her other fun shops!

And be sure to tell her you read about her on the Muse’s site and maybe she’ll include an extra gift *wink* if you’re nice.

Disclosure: Please take note links included in this post are NOT affiliate links. They are simply links to online stores I’ve shopped from in the past and enjoyed. I do not make money from these stores, I am not paid to post about them nor do they even know they’ll be featured on my blog, this is a simple and fun gift guide created by me.

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