Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 Collection

More news on the Bobbi Brown Spring front with a release of some very interesting products particularly the new Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener, I’m so on it!

Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 5


Here’s a little sneak peek at more Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 coming at us in January!

It seems most of the items are extensions of their regular catalog with new Bobbi Brown Eye Repair Cream that contains peptides.

Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 4

With a emphasis on the eyes they are also introducing the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in a click pen. You may have noticed the Eye Brightener was recently pulled as it used to be in a jar this new click style pen should appeal to those who weren’t keen on dipping their fingers into a jar of concealer!

Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 6

Also releasing are an assortment of Bobbi Brown Brown Pencils, two new shades of Bobbi Brown Brightening Lip Glosses and other bits and bobs that are extensions of items already offered in the Bobbi catalog.

Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 2

Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 1

Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 3

As for me I’m quite excited about that Tinted Eye Brightener. Yes, please I’ll take one!

How about you?


  • 12/14/09 17:50 Samantha:

    Oooooh I love it! Bobbi is the best <3


    • 12/15/09 9:17 the Muse:

      agreed Samantha love me some BB! :)


  • 12/15/09 3:42 Nia:

    Uh, I just bought the one in the messy jar, because the SA told me it will be pulled and comes back with new colours and they have no idea when or how. And online they told me it will be d/ced, totally d/ced.
    So, now I have a messy jar 😀
    Thanks for the news, Muse! (That rhymed ;))


    • 12/15/09 9:08 the Muse:

      Nia I’ve wanted to one in the jar for AGES and sadly it was yanked before I had the chance to snag it grrrrr! My pleasure hun 😀 news muse hehe!


  • 12/15/09 18:32 Whit:

    I love the tinted eye brightener but I had to return mine because it got soooo darn messy! HALLELUJAH! They are bringin it back in a pen-form- this makes it much easier!! GO BB!


    • 12/16/09 12:33 the Muse:

      whit that jar was a pain I heard! 😀 so good news it’s a pen now eh? 😀


  • 12/31/09 12:02 Jennifer:

    Hi Musey,
    The Extra Eye Repair Cream is the best thing since shimmery eyeshadow! :)
    Really! It is super hydrating, leaves the eye area beutiful and fresh. This is the first eyecream I have used, in my 32 years, that has kept my concealer from getting dry and cakey. I had to tell you because I know how you are always on the search for a cream that will help dehydrated skin and dark undereye circles. This is delicious!


    • 1/4/10 21:51 the Muse:

      really jennifer?!?!?! I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend Sam said the same thing in an email not two seconds ago! Can’t wait!


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