Hauled It: Kat Von D Tote at Sephora

‘ello, ‘ello! I thought I’d gift you with some porn of the Kat Von D Tote I hauled at Sephora this week. Anyone get in on this? They were giving it away for free using promo code TOTE09 (still are by the way if you wants it) or you could print out a coupon that was sent to Sephora Beauty Insiders and get one in store.

Kate Von D Tote 1

I actually tug around a PBS tote everywhere I got, yes I’m that type of geeky girl but now I feel so chic with my Kat Von D Tote…not really but that sounds all cool and stuff right?


My pictures don’t do it justice but it’s a rather large size tote. It features a fierce design in black and “Sephora” in an ink style on both sides.


Kate Von D Tote 7

Kate Von D Tote 5

Kate Von D Tote 4

Cutes right?

  • 12/17/09 14:26 Bonnie:

    WANT IT!!!!!! I just hauled a cool Lush tote with my last order, though…but really, can a girl have too many stylish eco-friendly totes? :) Plus, I like that this one’s bigger. So if you enter in that code you get it for free with any purchase? Hmmm…I shouldn’t so close to Christmas but I am tempted!


    • 12/17/09 14:28 the Muse:

      sadly 25 buck purchase bonnie boo! but aside from that a total score. I agree. I normally tote around a trader joe one for groceries and my pbs one for everything else 😀 but this is way nicer!!!!!!!!! 😀

      I feel like buying the dior mascara just to get another one free it’s so nice!


  • 12/17/09 15:47 Sarah:

    I got this tote too when I used my free Sephora gift card. I always forget to carry it with me though :( It is an absolutely adorable tote though. Much more adorable than my SuperFresh tote :)


    • 12/17/09 16:07 the Muse:

      I’m liking it too Sarah 😀 good deal too can’t go wrong…the freebies get better and better at Sephora lately!


  • 12/17/09 15:51 jojoba (My Makeup Reviews):

    so this is the tote that girls talked about on MUA. Hmm, sorry, not liking it…


    • 12/17/09 16:07 the Muse:

      no go for you eh jojoba? I’m kinda digging it 😀


  • 12/17/09 15:52 Marina:

    Got it Black Friday weekend with my Kat palettes and my Hi-Fi set. Love it! I haven’t gotten to use it besides that day (carried my merchandise in it), but it’s a great size!


    • 12/17/09 16:06 the Muse:

      it’s nice right? I was pretty impressed with the size too 😀 likey! I’m toting all my crap to work in it Marina 😀 I carry too much crap around with me ;-D


  • 12/17/09 17:58 Nunu:

    Grrrrr!would you believe that they don’t have these at my local Sephora?or maybe the cashier was just reluctant to give me one. This happens ALL THE TIME, rem the clutch containing the 8 samples? Nope, we don’t have it, what’s your sweet deal of the month? *blank look* what’s that?
    I’m in a fair mind to complain to Sephora, I spent $100 there!


    • 12/22/09 15:26 the Muse:

      nunu that’s very frustrating. My sephora has alot of clueless people walking around that don’t even know what certain products are used for never mind beauty insider GWP’s! :( I’d order it online if possible! Your blood pressure will thank you without irritating, clueless SA’s!


  • 12/17/09 19:33 Bakeneko:

    Wish I could get one of these. Show me anything with skulls and I want it!


    • 12/22/09 15:08 the Muse:

      same, same bakeneko 😀


  • 12/30/09 0:57 Del:

    Ooooh–I want one!!! Sarah (up there ^) sadly reminded me of that darn insider card I gave away – the gal didn’t even use it!!! What a waste, right? A valid excuse was given, but she coulda texted me the info on the card & I woulda sooo used it! oh well…it wasn’t meant to be…I’ll keep tellin myself that. =P Anyhoo – I love yer tote cept that it’s Raiders colors & I would never hear the end of it from my coworker…but I’d still snag it cuz it’s so darn hot!


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