Lush Limited Edition Perfumes Available Now

Hello world!

How’s everyone doing today? Ready for the Holidays? I think I am…! What’s on your wish list? Share…I really want to know what everyone wants for Christmas this year! If you type it, you’ll get it I bet…what it’s worth a try right?

Today I’m bringing you a little joy from Lush.

Lush Perfume 11


I’ve had the pleasure of ordering Lush Perfumes several times before and most times it’s been a UK order. Lush does special edition perfumes each year where forum members get together and vote on their fav scent to be made into a perfume. This year, like every other year, the votes were cast and five LE fragrances were made.

Lucky enough Lush NA is bringing the fragrances to our end of the pond so you can order one of five very limited edition fragrances this year!

Here’s the deets.

Lush Candy Fluff Perfume $34.95
Lush Perfume 5

Lush The Olive Branch Perfume $46.95
Lush Perfume 6

Lush Cinders Perfume $36.95

Lush Perfume 2

Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Perfume
Lush Perfume 1

Lush So White Perfume $39.95
Lush Perfume 4

I ordered mine from Lush UK back in November but this is a great way for newbies to Lush to indulge or for those who didn’t want to order from the UK and pay costly shipping to get them. These are truly stunning fragrances and are strong with great linger and throw. I was slightly disappointed in the scents they made this year as I have three of the five but I did indulge in So White and Cinders the newest to be made into a perfume.

Get them while the getting is good as they are highly sought after pieces.

Happy Hauling!

  • 12/23/09 16:47 Melissa:

    I got cinders a few weeks ago. I don’t love it. The fragrance is fantastic but its just not strong or lasting. I don’t want to waste it by spraying the whole bottle at one time but I’m not sure what to layer it with.


    • 12/28/09 16:41 the Muse:

      aw sorry to hear melissa :( Hmmm not alot that smells like cinders sadly! :(


  • 12/23/09 19:27 jackieg02:

    The Olive Branch and So White will be mine! I saw these last night online, but decided to “sleep on it.” I’ve slept. And I still want!


    • 12/28/09 16:32 the Muse:

      lol jackie smart girl with the sleeping on it, must do that more often over here :)


  • 12/23/09 22:04 Aimee:

    How is the Olive Branch one and is it close to the shower gel version?


    • 12/28/09 16:30 the Muse:

      spot on Aimee :) they all are!


  • 12/23/09 22:21 electronicfly:

    Are they all packaged the same? Coz then if you loose the little nametag thingy, you’ll have to go through all the bottles to find the one you want right? :/


    • 12/28/09 16:25 the Muse:

      ya unfortunately but you can always sniff to see which is which :)


  • 12/24/09 1:14 Johanna:

    Cinders and So White sound intriguing. I have Candy Fluff and I mainly use it to spray my pillow cases — makes me feel really relaxed.


    • 12/28/09 16:24 the Muse:

      Johanna I do too, love CF 😀 but I spray it on me hehe. Love the smell! I ordered so white and cinders so will bring a review of ’em soon iof you like!


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