Pur Minerals Fulvic Mineral Mist Review

Oh the joys of finding an inexpensive facial mist are never missed on the Muse. Quite a happy day when I discovered Pur Minerals Fulvic Mineral Mist which comes in a big old bottle and will only set you back $16.50.

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Pur Minerals Fulvic Mineral Mist contains over 70 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. I’ve no idea what it contains really but Pur says it’s a whole lot of good stuff, bring it baby!

So it’s pretty standard, no prior brain surgery required to use it! Mist on and go. It basically sets mineral makeup, offers hydration, or simply works great as a toner prior to moisturizer.

You can pretty much use it anywhere which is why it differs from many mists which are normally meant exclusively for your face. Mist on your body, shoulders, arms, legs, and face to hydrate and refresh tired skin. Unlike many mists it also has a really super pleasant scent. It’s a mix of citrus, herbal, and just generally clean and freshly scented.

I don’t set my makeup with mists of any kind but I love using them to prep my skin for moisturizer. This works a treat to allow my moisturizer to absorb quicker it also aids in hydrating my skin even further.

Overall, it’s a love.

Likey very much and slap a little Muse Approval on it for purchase.

Pur Minerals are not tested on animals which should be a major plus for many a makeup user.

Available at www.purminerals.com

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  • 12/30/09 13:53 themakeupdivas:

    Hey Izz! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. :)
    I’ve not tried anything by Pur Minerals before but this sounds healthy with all of those vitamins/minerals etc. I like to mist my face before applying anything else on my face and also after when the whole face is complete. Thanks for the great review!
    Hope you have a healthy Happy New Year!!


    • 12/30/09 13:56 the Muse:

      hey missy!!!!!!!!! how’s you dear? Your daughter looked simply stunning, I couldn’t not comment 😀 How very mac-like the images were! You need to do more posts like that, her makeup was stunning :)

      My pleasure hun glad you enjoyed the review :) I’m the same prior to anything hitting my face I always mist :)

      Have a gorgeous New Year1


  • 12/30/09 15:29 Kirsten:

    Is this similar to MAC’s Fix Plus?


    • 1/4/10 22:07 the Muse:

      mmmm somewhat Kirsten but you have a better chance with fix plus than this as fix plus is meant to hold makeup where as this is more multitasking :)


  • 12/31/09 12:15 Jean:

    I just received this mist for Christmas and have to say I love it! It works great before bed too. Who doesnt love waking up to soft skin?

    I also used it on my legs and arms after a shower but it is not as moisturizing as lotion and left my desert skin dry and itchy, so it’s not a replacement for body lotion.

    This will become a staple on my beauty regimen now though! Glad you liked it too!


    • 1/15/10 15:33 the Muse:

      yay jean awesome it smells lovely too doesn’t it!?

      nope not a replacement but a nice picker upper! 😀


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