Stocking Stuffer Idea: Twist and Pout Lip Balms

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All about the lip balms this week aren’t I? Told you I had an oral fixation! My newest lem, Twist and Pout Lip Balms. OMG Want these for cute stocking stuffers!

Check ’em after the jump!

Twist and Pout offer over 55 petroleum-free balms under $10 which will make rather fab little stocking stuffers for any one into balms!

Twist and Pout Lip Balms are little pots of balm in a variety of design packages to suit any mood. They are $7 each with an SPF 20 formula that includes a combination of oils, butters, and a delicious citrus flavor. If you’re one for toting your balm around you can update to the $9.50 version which includes a clip on to attach your balm to your purse, keys, or backpack.

Twist and Shout Lip Balm

They pretty much have an awesome variety of products in a variety of sweet packaging and even tinted balms too!

At $7-$10 you can’t beat the price for tucking one or two into a stocking.

Visit to check out a store location near you.

  • 3/15/10 23:43 DINOGOESRAWR:

    after reading the title i couldnt help but think of twist and shout by the beatles….


    • 3/16/10 16:08 the Muse:

      LOL dino 😀 Love the Beatles!


      • 3/16/10 19:06 DINOGOESRAWR:

        YES!! thank you !!! finally… but then again not many people my age know much about the beatles….


        • 3/18/10 10:02 the Muse:

          aw dino I notice that the younger crowd fails to know who John lennon is…ouch the pain of it all!


          • 3/20/10 1:25 DINOGOESRAWR:

            oh miss muse….. so true! a little piece of me dies every time someone asks who one of the beatles are…..

          • 3/22/10 18:45 the Muse:

            LOL dino le sigh! I was speaking to a 16 year old boy a few weeks ago (he was related to a close friend and was at a family function that I was at) and he didn’t know who John Lennon was…how shocking and sad.

          • 3/24/10 21:55 DINOGOESRAWR:

            wow. very sad indeed. *sob sob sniffle*

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