Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

Hey you guys remember Xanadu?

Xanaduuuuuuuuuuuu, Xanaduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooo, now we are here, in Xanadoooooo!

Shrug what?  Loves it!

Olive Newton-John rolling her way around town on roller skates and claiming to be a Muse (we all that was totally not true, there is only room for one Muse around here) was the awesome back in the day!

Hey, you know what else you can roll on?

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow, the busy girl’s guide to easy eye shadow application and go.

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Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow 1

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow is the quickie, easy way to apply shadow on the fly. It’s pretty much goof proof and nice for those of us who aren’t too coordinated with shadow brushes or a quick slip of shadow when we are in a rush. It’s pretty easy to use as you simply slide the roller ball directly onto your lid, glide it across, and done! Pigmented shimmery shadow is left behind for a quickie eye look that’s both easy and flattering.

Sweet right?

I bet it took Olivia Newton-John longer to learn how to skate than it would for her to apply this eye shadow!

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow 2

The formula does have a heavy shimmer finish so the glitter/shimmer haters probably should avoid. As for the Muse she’s a self proclaimed lover of the shimmer so bring it. It has a nice pigment to it and it glides on quite nicely and easily, fall out is minimal too as with a brush you’d see confetti all over your face with use but the roller ball makes it a pretty mess-free application.

These come in a total of 10 shades for $18 each. On a side note I do know that a few drugstore brands have a similar product but I will say these were much easier to work with compared to cheaper brands as the ball of the applicator glides across the eye well. I’ve experienced tugging and not alot of color pay off with cheaper brands.

The shades I tried were Hydra (Frosty Shimmering White), Nola (Pure Shimmering Baby Pink), and Hopetown (Rich Shimmering Plum).

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow 6

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow 3

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow 5

Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow 4

Overall, I thought they worked a treat and are fab for quickie shadow looks when I’m not up for dealing with three or more shadows, blending, etc…..simply roll and go.

Totally the lazy girl’s way to apply eye shadow!


Sue Devitt

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  • 12/2/09 22:21 Melissa:

    ooooh perdie. I’m confused are they liquid or powder?


    • 12/3/09 9:39 the Muse:

      oh def powder Melissa :)


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